Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tokyo Godfathers: Review in honor of Satoshi Kon

  Hey guys! It's Liz here on the scoop of the late Satoshi Kon's movie:Tokyo Godfathers- personally my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas Movie ever!!!!!!!!
Well, heres how the story goes: three homeless people- a drunkard (Gin), a former drag queen(Hana), and a high school runaway(Miyuki)- find a baby in a garbage dump on Christmas Eve.
  Hana (the former drag queen) believes that this baby is a gift from God, and that the baby will bless them, because he always wanted to be a "mother".  Gin does convince Hana though that it would be best to search for the baby's parents.  So, they follow their foot
steps back to where they found the baby and find a photo of a couple.  Believing that the couple is the baby's parents, the three homeless people search for the true parents with the photograph in hand.  Along the way, the three encounter unrelated events and poeple that force them to confront each of their own past as they learn to face the future together.  This is a life-changing story, with a great lesson, and is very touching.  This movie is what Christmas is REALLY about!!
  I would explain the plot even more, but I'm afraid that telling more would ruin the point of watching this wonderful movie. IT'S TOO GOOD FOR ME TO SPOIL THE LIFE-CHANGLING EVENTS!!!
I highly recommend it to any anime fan, hands down!! 10/10 :D
This is one of my favorite works of Satoshi Kon, along with his other works : Paranoia Agent, Paprika, Millenium Actress, and MANY MORE!!! This is one of the most underappreciated anime out there :(
I personally think it deserves MUCH MORE CREDIT because it's a MASTERPIECE. The characters are really something and the whole theme of the movie is great ^ ^
and, there you have it-

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