Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paprika: Where Dreams Merge with Reality

Hey guys!! It's Liz here with a review on Paprika!!  Paprika is another great hit by late Director Satoshi Kon.  This movie actually inspried the live-action movie, Inception, I believe.   The plot of this wonderful movie revolves around a device called the DC Mini created by a really smart guy. The DC mini enables the user of the device to control their own dreams, used as psychotherapy treatment.  So, basically, you can dream whatever you want at any time, any place, as long as the device is intact to your head; but here's the problem: if you use the device too much, the device will sink into your head when overheated and your dreams will forever merge with reality.  So, this is an epic battle between what's real and what isn't!!!
  The main character is Dr. Atsuko Chiba, whom enters the dream world under he alter-exotic ego, code named "PAPRIKA"- there she investigates who is underneath plotting to undermine the DC Mini and who will abuse its power.  -Let's just say, if this device falls into the wrong hands, we are in TROUBLE- DOUBLE TROUBLE (Team Rocket reference! :D)
-but all in all,  this is a GREAT movie- filled with references to classic movies throughout each characters dreams as well! The distorted and grotesque imagery will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!  This is one of my favorite psychological thrillers ever to boot!!  The horror and suspense is great!! I would, as always, recommend this to any anime fan :D
-Dont forget to add the missing spice! *Paprika* (it goes good on chicken)

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