Monday, February 7, 2011

Gurren Lagann Review: Believe in Others, Believe in Yourself!

 Hey guys! It's Liz here with a review (not literally) up my sleeve :D
Today I'm gonna be reviewing Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!
  The main character of the show is Simon the Digger.  Simon is a boy that doesn't have confidence in himself.  He looks down and himself and has yet to learn that he is worth more than he thinks he is (he is the image above , with his pig-mole companion, Boota).  The other two main characters are Kamina and Yoko.  Kamina is the 'big brother' figure- the strong, confident, smiling man that inspires Simon.  Yoko is a girl from another village next door to Kamina and Simon whom they encounter in the first episode.  She is a firey red-head with a dead eye! She has feelings for Kamina and is more like a 'mother' to Simon, since he lost his parents in an earthquake underground.

The plot of this show is that most of the population of humans are trapped underground due to conquering beastmen on the surface.  The surface symbolizes the freedom of an open sky- Kamina and Simon strive for that freedom from their underground village, and one day, they make a breakthrough!
They, along with Yoko, wage war on the Spiral King and beastmen and break through the heavens themselves!
 This show is about hope, dreams, and overcoming challenges.  This show also teaches a lesson about believing in yourself and believing in others as well. 
My favorite quotes from Kamina (the guy in the image above- my all time favorite character) are: "Believe in the me who believes in you", "Believe in the You that believes in You", and "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!?!?!".

This is an anime that is very special to me because it taught me a lesson.  That lesson was to believe in yourself.  I would give this show an OVER  9000/10!!! :D
-i would recommend this to any shonen anime fan- OH YEAH, and the mecha action is great!!! The Gurren Lagann (the gunmen that Kamina and Simon combined-*SPOILER ALERT*) is one of the coolest robots I have ever seen in the history of anime itself- especially the galactic Gurren Lagann form!

and there you have it!

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