Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dragonball Z Infinite World Video game Review yo!! :D

hey guys!! It's Liz here with a review on noneother than the best dragonball z game (in my opinion), and that is: Dragonball Z Infinite World!!
  The game practically sums up the first three budokai ps2 games (don't confuse that with the tenkaichi series)
There are over 40 characters, each with transformations, and 25 epic stages- which may seem very familiar :D There is still world tournament, and, if you go to the Warrior's Room at the Skill Shop, you can buy something awesome (won't spoil it)

There are 114 missions and 4 game modes- easy, mormal, hard, an z mode (z mode is like a very hard mode).  This game is sponsored by Bandai and Atari, and lemme tell ya, the graphics are GREAT!!
Also, there are many missions in this game that you can't do in other games, such as running on snake way (literally)!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!?  Basically, in this particular challenge, you are timed on how fast you make it across snake way- and DON'T FALL OFF!!!
  I must admit, that is very awesome ^_^  You can also do other mini-game-like challenges, like combat training, shoot-em-ups, and other timed challenges, such as finding dragon balls, or button-mashing training.
 This is another fun shoot-em-up game in which you are frieza and you literally shoot piccolo and krillin.  There is another shoot-em mini game in which you are Tien and you aim your Tri-beam at Cell.
  The story mode is awesome, filled with great missions based on the anime storyline of DragonBall Z.  The movie scenes in the game are very detailed and the art is phenomenal.  You can do pretty much all the techniques that are used in the anime, such as Kamehame ha (a classic),Spirit Bomb, Special Beam Cannon, Wolf Fang Fist, and a whole bundle of others!  The soundtrack combines the best music from the first Dragonball Z budokai game, and lemme tell ya, if they have a soundtrack for this, I am sooooooooooooo buying it :D
 I just thought that this was a cool picture of goku, so I decided to post it XD        Anyhow, I encourage any Dragonball/Z fan to buy this game!! It is a MUST-HAVE for fighters!!!  This is Liz, over and out-
KAMEHAME HA!!!!!!!!!!!! (as Goku would say)

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