Saturday, February 5, 2011


  Hey guys! It's Liz here with a review on Outlaw Star!  Outlaw Star is what I call a classic anime! There are great characters, and I love the whole 'outer space' theme- I guarantee you will love the characters! My favorites are Gene and Melfina.  Gene is the main character of the show, and Melfina is the second main character.
 (Gene is the one with red hair, and Melfina is the one with black hair)
Here's the gist: Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking run a small business on the backwater planet of Sentinel III. But all that changes the day that Hilda hires them for a bodyguard job. Now, thrust into a mystery they don't fully understand, they're on the run from the cops, the pirates, an angry alien, and a mysterious assassin. But they've got one thing going in their favor - they have the galaxy's most advanced ship, the Outlaw Star. And one day, Gene finds a woman named Melfina, whom is supposedly connected and linked to the Outlaw Star.  The plot is great, and the action scenes are awesome!!!! There is also plenty of comedy as well-
I would give this show a 10/10 ^ ^
-plus, the opening theme is REALLY catchy to boot! THE ENDING EPISODE IS REALLY EPIC!!!!!

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