Sunday, November 28, 2010

MM! episode 9 nekophobia

hey yall its jazu chan again.
yeah im back with yet another MM! review. this episode is just filler! i was not pleased at all. the series was going strong and then comes filler episodes! anyway that doesnt matter right now. (this reviews going to be short) its time for the school festival and yes the second voulunteering group is there. what i really didnt like a bout this episode is that yunno wasnt in it to much.
YOSH! the episode opens with the second voulunteering group operating a booth at the festival.... and no one is showing up. but out of the blue here come tarous boss. and yes he needs help. he lost his lover(body pillow) and cant seem to find her(it). any way the one who finds his lover(body pillow) was the class prez. after this reuniting of freak and body pillow she hands tarou some paper. on it is a threat from a mysterious character to the "cursed students".

after this incident (i say this far to much) tarou brings this to mio. mio finally being able to do something leads him to "patrol the school grounds". this so called "patroling" is just mio forcing sado to buy her various foods around the school. festival and this is where we realize it.
they decide to enter a  cafe for drinks little do they know its a neko cafe. there are cats walking around on the tables and women dressed up like cats (furry heaven). this is where we realize that mio suffers from nekophobia. yes she is afraid of cats. i honeslty dont understand this fear but ok.
then they enter the haunted house and yes theres a cat!

this scares the sh*t out of mio and starts a cute (moe) scene between tarou and her. after this she asks tarou to hold her hand but a trap door opens dropping tarou into a pit and knocks him unconcious. when he wakes up hes tied to a fence post (just how he likes it) and the mysterious group of people is standing there. these are the people that have been making the threats. the leader takes off her mask and reveals herself to be none other than the prez. they call themselve the MFC mio sama fan club...... oh god. mio quickly makes her way upstair to tell the MFC to cease and desist.
this episode pissed me off for another reason.... the romance factor. there was alot of romance in this episode and yunno wasnt a part of it. i really want to see sado and yunno together! this whole episode was just meaningless sh*t. there was almost no mention of the fact that hes a masochist and the plot went bybye for a while. but the episode ends with mio and tarou holding hands.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

roasrio vampire tribute!

yes... whenever one of us finnishes a manga or an anime we must make a post dedacated to it... that said lets proceed!!!!!
so i recently finnished rosario vampire a great series i might add. this manga was recommended to me by none other than DAN! and im not going to lie at first i thought it was going to be another played out vampire thing but it wasnt. i found the plot and character personality to be by far the most interesting part of the series.
the plot is that a boy named tsukune must go away to a private school but little does he know the school he is going to is a school for monsters. (i know sounds cheesy but stay with me) he gets to the school and quickly makes friends with a vampire (hence the title rosario vampire). he soon makes friends with several other monsters and then shit goes down. every couple chapters there's always some sort of a fight going on. this is what i didnt like about the series.
there was a lot of romance but far to much violence for it to be considered a romance. i guess thats why i wasnt to sad when i reached the end. i honestly reccomend this to action fans the violece out ways the romance easily. i think that it was a great manga and every body should read this.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

MM! episode 8....WHYYYYYYY?

 hey its jazu chan! ok..... honestly this is the most f*cked up thing i have ever seen in my life! i honestly dont know what to tell you... hypnotism obviously doesnt work and when it does it has f*cked up side effects! dont you ever try this at home (do it at a friends house). clearly after hypnotism he doesnt obtain his desired effect first hes a pedophile then hes a half naked romantic then hes...... well..... GAY! (i have nothing against homosexuals i honestly believe love has no gender) but any way the first attempt at hypnotism leaves him with the nasty effect of him saying "hugetastic boobs" at the end of every phrase. now i honestly dont see a problem with this. joking yes i do.

oh god she did it. by making sadou fall into a state of trance his mind was open to "suggestion" and she fired his the phrase into his open mind leaving him effect of exclaiming the phrase of abnormaly large mamiaries (hugetastic boobs) at the end of each sentence.
after that mind opening... incident, they hypnotize him again this time using the open window of "suggestion" to try to cure his masochism. Mio uses the words "the masochism will be cured". *snap* when he wakes up the masochism is gone but instead...... it pains me to say this.... hes a pedophile! yes a child loving pedophile and who should show up? our favorite loli Noa! yes you can see what happens here. Noa comes crashing through the wall like a f*cking tank in a mech suit. and yes our pedophile hero runs off with her. and who do they encounter in the hallway but our favourite lolicon! Himura!!!! yay!

the reason im still watching this is unclear to me. but any way they crush Himura with Noas epic mech suit of doom! yes. after they make their epic escape they find some where nice and private to play board games. no joke board games. then Mio finds them! as you can guess sh*t happens.

after this life changing encounter there is yet another side effect. and this one by far is the funniest of them all. i have to ask you this question before i proceed. have you ever worn a tuxedo without pants? if the answer is no you may read on if the answer is yes you may be offended. he becomes a super romantic/rapist who wears a tuxedo without pants. this is how a stereotypical rapist would dress. if i was a rapist (which im not) i would dress like this. i honestly felt like punching a hole in my moniter after seeing this. funny yet super disturbing at the same time.

i honestly thought about dropping the review for this episode. after this eye opening display of... stupidity they try for the last time. this time Mio says "you will become a normal human". this turned the whole damn episode into a yaoi! YAY! yes after a few tests they realize his masochism is gone. they celebrate and wait for the next day. the next day comes and hes still normal except for the fact that he has strong feelings for tatsukichi! yes he is now gay for tatsukichi! and hes not just any kind of gay hes bat sh*t crazy for him! but this doesnt matter right now its what comes next that almost made me cry!

after this comes the ramance approach to try to "straighten" Sadou out. he now is appraoched by Yunno who says  some tear jerking things. and yet he is totally oblivious to what she is saying because his mind is occupied by tatsukichi. she even has an indirect kiss with him and he still doesnt get it. i almost cried because last episode the end showed the ongoing romance between Sadou and Yunno and now it has all come to naught! he is then mauled by Mio who kicks his @$$ into orbit! while on his journey up he realizes who he really is and what he really is. when he reenters and crash lands he is once again the same masochitic freak we all knew and loved. thank god for good endings PEACE!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why there is no review for MM! episode 8!

I am sorry everybody as the maintained of this blog I have failed you. I searched all day and I could not find MM! Episode 8 with subtitles and I'm not Japanese. I'm so sorry as soon as there is a subbed episode I will have the review for you. I promise. Being a blogger I am ashamed to tell you this. I will most likely have it tomorow! Thanks bai!

Friday, November 19, 2010

anime and an otakus life!

oh hai.... its jazu chan again and this time i have dan with me we will now proceed to have a conversation on anime and how it plays a roll in our lives. we will now disscus our favorite animes and how much they shaped us!
jazu: alright ill start! i think my favorite anime of all time is of course AIR GEAR!!
dan: Air Gear is awesome, but my all time favorite anime is Air Gear, as far as manga goes though it's probably Pretty Face.
Jazu: hell yes dan got me into air gear! my favourite manga is a shojuo by the name of maid sama. i guess its my favourite  because its just romance and randomness!
dan: Pretty Face is a pretty funny story but also has a deep underlying theme of personal redemption for the main character Rando.
jazu: yeah that sounds like life in general... funny story and a search for something more.... oh yeah im philisophical!
dan: Funny, only watching someone that's supposed to be a girl suplex their math teacher for coming onto her! Pretty Face is definately a funny manga full of awkward situations and intense comedic relief with a still serious story.
jazu: yeah for me it was maid sama.... it just showshow amazing life can be on the quest for the one you really love. and i just found my definition of life! chillin readin amazing mangas listenin to music chillin with friends drinking tea blogging playing video games etc... music and friendship in general! i guess this comes mostly from rosario vampire and maid sama! both animes stress the importance of friendship..... care to comment dan?
Dan: hehe yea, friendship is important in both rosario+vampire and maid sama, but it's also a pretty big deal in a lot of others like air gear. Rosario+Vampire has a lot of situations where Tsukune is able to overcome being a human be relying on Moka and all his other friends to save him. Can't say much for Maid Sama on account of me reading very little of it (but enjoying what I've seen) but Air Gear it's obvious. Characters like Kazu and Agito show a lot of change as the story progresses because of their friends.
jazu: hell yeah i feel that... yeah i guess life to me is about friendship because my life sucks at home! the only time im really happy is when im with the critical hitz and shitz crew. we just eat taco bell chinese food and chill at the mall! then we watch hella anime together! the music part just comes from the fact that ive been listening to music ever since i  understood what it was (and before that).
dan: Music was always something that confused me unitl a couple years ago, at first it was just somethin to do in the car but now it's a huge part of my life. I can't concentrate without music, makes school hard. Or at least it was until I learned to zone at the teachers and play the super mario theme in my head!
jazu: yesh dan much respect for that! yeah we need an anime that makes music a main part... hell yeah but also im gonna bring up one of the best animes ever!!!!! you ready for this? LUCKY STAR! yes i started watching it last night... first episode and all they talked about was food! do you know what i have to say about this? AWESOME! its just pretty much my life from the perspective of highschool girls! yay!
dan: Music as a main theme, well if you don't mind shonen-ai theres Gravitation, the main character wants to be a famous singer. Lucky Star is one of the funniest anime I've ever watched, everything about it is just perfect. Who couldn't love a show where the main characters spend ten minutes talking about how to eat cornet.
jazu: yah! i just remembered there are a couple animes that have music as a theme like K-on! i never watched it i guess i need to... also i need to read Omamori Himari!
dan: Omamori Himari is a one that I started recently. It's recently started coming out in the U.S with the second volume being released soon. It's a mixture of comedy and... super awesome action and sexyness that is fun for everyone!!!
jazu: sounds like another awesome series!
Dan:  It is definately worth checking out!
ALRIGHT! thats enough for today! peace!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is Dan. Since Jazu chan and Shawn decided to post about music I figured what the hell. I listen to a lot of "classic" rock music as well as a lot of the newer rock and metal. I really like grunge rock, Nirvana of course, but they're not my top although they are very high. As far as grunge goes, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam are at the top. Bush and Puddle of Mudd are also really good and Alice in Chains of course.
I could go on for awhile listing every single band I like and explaining it but I'll just be nice and brief, well as brief as possible. I really like Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead and I listen to both A LOT. I also listen to a lot of metal like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. As far as more recent music I am a huge fan of Eyes Set to Kill. I enjoy many bands like Parkway Drive, God Forbid, Lamb of God, etc. As many of my friends have said, music is life and life is dull without it. I listen to music on average six to seven hours a day and don't think life would be quite as interesting without it. Especially when I can turn my stuff up really loud so people can hear it and give me dirty looks. It's fun ^.^

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the playlist....

   hey once again its jazu chan because everyone else is either to busy writing for nanowrimo or to damn lazy. but todays topic is music. i belive music in itself is a life essence. without music everything is desolate and "dead" in a sense. and now that i has topic i will invite my other authors to put their own opinions in but mine first. i think that people need music to survive in a sense. through the years music has stayed and probably stay until our world ceases to exist. music is the essence of life and human texture and feelings. people express how they feel through music. music is the epitome of humanity. other hcultures have their own forms of music. its all to express something. music is super neccesary to my survival. i was born with apair of headphones on.
   your playlist is the definition of your person. the types of music you listen to helps to shape your person. i grew up on jazz and hiphop. this shaped me into the person i am now a classy guy that has a urban feel when your around him. i listen to a lot of different types of music. i can relate to alot of stuff. oh...... shit...... i just said "stuff" didnt i? anyway... but music will shape you from an early age you will formulate a playlist hopefully that suits your tastes when your young. if your raised around rock youll most likely form a playlist consiting of mostly rock and branches of it and a couple of other generes. my playlist consists of a lot of hiphop jazz fusion. like madlibs stormy. see its a sweet fusion of jazz and hip hop. i have lots of other music to like chiptune. for example crystal castles crimewave. its like something you can walk to. i also have scream music too. a skylit drive a reason for broken wings. And I absolutely love jrock and jpop! All of it is good to me. im a very diverse listener. i have many a genere on my ipod. yeah there are a couple generes i refuse to listen to.... like radio pop country gangster rap and porngrind. but yeah i love music its my life. i can turn my ipod on shuffle and not hear the same song twice for a day and a half.

   Hello, this is Shawn. When I am writing or doing anything else I always have music blasting through my headphones. Lately, I have been listening to a lot of music by the French band Magma. Listen to this song it is the first part of a live performance of the album Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh.
  Okay, if you are wondering what this beautiful music that I assume you are now hearing is, allow me to explain. The drummer of the band, Christian Vander invented his own language: Koba├»an, which sounds sort of like German but isn't. The point is that it is not English, French, German or any other language on Earth which is pretty freaking awesome.
   I found out about this band when I was listening to a Japanese band called Koenjihyakkei, I was very confused so I looked down at the comments and someone said that before you listen to this band, you should listen to Magma, so I did. If you are curious about zeuhl music, I reccomend that when you are finished listening to the song linked above I would reccomend that you listen to the band Ruins, then you should listen to Koenjihyakkei. Or you could listen to the Magma Last fm channel.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I spent a long time considering how to start this. My name is Dan and I guess I'm gonna post here regularly so I tried to tihnk of how to introduce myself. The only thing I could tihnk of is one word: Waffles. They are the perfect food for breakfast, dinner, inbetween and late night snacks with your buds. XD

So as I said, I'm Dan and I'll post here whenever I feel up to it to discuss anime and manga and games and whatever else makes life good. At the moment I just discovered a new series called Omamori Himari. "Protective Charm Himari" is a series that may have been out on the internet for awhile but was just liscensed to be released in America under Yen Press. As of right now I am not far in the series but our story here is about a young man named Yuto Amakawa whose parents died in a car accident seven years prior to the start of the manga. All he is left with is a charm given to him by his grandfather. Seven years later, on his sixteenth birthday the protection it gave him is run out.
This is when Himari shows up, a cat spirit sent to protect him while he walks on his path towards becoming a demon hunter. Hillarity ensures as Yuko tries to live with this new cat spirit that tries to seduce him in a variety of situations. Of course, for poor Yuko life isn't prefect and he has to face one problem: he's allergic to cats!

Now that I have that out of the way, I'll tell you more about myself. I like a lot of different mangas stemming back to when I was a wee lad staying up until midnight to watch .hack//sign. I have a huge list of manga and anime that I could dribble away on but the point here is to talk about whats new and fun.

Among my favorites are D.Gray-Man (my favorite characters are Jasdevi and Devitto) Rosario+Vampire which is just an amazing series, and Asu no Yoichi (Tomorrow's Yoichi). There are many others but I don't think people would appreciate it if I posted a huge list so here we go:
Action - D.Gray-Man or Highschool of the Dead
Ecchi - Asu no Yoichi or Omamori Himari
Romance - Maid-sama (Jazu chan's favorite I think) and Rosario+Vampire
Gender Bender - Kampfer or Marugoto Anju Gakuen

Saturday, November 13, 2010

MM! episode 07 cheating and romantics!

alright everyone its jazu chan once again. i really loved this episode. i mean really... no its not because of all the perversions! ill tell you why toward the end. i found the beginning of this episode to be very.... interesting. the episode starts with the MM! crew on the beach. now everybody hears beach and immediatly thinks half naked women. and i am going to tell you yes there are half naked women. (and some yuri action for about 3 seconds.) yunno yumi michuru the crossdresser whos name i cannot remember! mio and sadou. mio's drowning sado and yumis raping yunno on the beach..... WAIT WHAT???

YURI ACTION AS PROMISED! but anyway..... after mios attempt to make the sharks attack sadou they go up on the beach and try again this time trying to use crabs to drain his masochism. mios theory here is that if its not a beutiful women inducing his pain but an animal he wouldnt be turned on. WRONG!!! by them putting the crabs on him hie is turned on.... wow this guy is sad. i have never seen any one so eager to get crabs! (hahahahaha pubic lice jokes!) im such a loser.... i think if it was men putting the crabs on him it might have succeeded.
but anyway that plan failed and they take a more violent approach. LETS PLAY THE WATERMELON GAME WITH SADOUS HEAD!!!!! yes.... they blindfold yunno and send on the path towards the watermelon.... err... sadous head. mios theory here is that if sadou is in the mind state of a watermelon then he should feel like this is the end of his life and embrace the fact that women hitting him would not be good resulting in death. clearly our hero is incapable of this because yunno beat the sh*t out of him and i have never seen a happier man. but any after this attempt fails sadou and yunno go out on the water in a little boat... yes we all saw this coming. SHARK ATTACK!!! but its not what you think it is. ITS A SUDDEN PLOT TWIST!!!! the giant shark is a mecha built by everyones favorite loli!!! NOA! episode 5  sadou had promised noa that he would do everything she ever wanted to do as a child because she was deprived. so she takes them to a remote island to play house....... wow...... but any way yunno sadou and noa all play along leading to some wierd a$$ role playing. with yunno playing sadous wife noa plays the women sadou is cheating on yunno with!

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????? but this is just great because the rest of the gang joins in soon and all hell breaks loose. mio michuru yumi all come just to whoop his a$$! here comes the worst part..... noa jealous of everyones bustiness she drinks a strange medicine... and all of a sudden shes beutiful. she begins to..... do things (for lack of better description). but then our favorite lolicon... shimura gets pissed and shows up! now hes on some super saiyen sh*t. hes attempting to destroy everyone. but who saves the day? sadou of course! everyone remembers the hentai DX belt right? yeah.... he puts it on has mio beat him up then he kicks shimuras a$$!

yeah but sadou obviously wins and saves everybody. the ending made me ever so happy just because it showed the romantics that is clearly happening between yunno and sadou! they clearly like each other but both have barriers they must over come before they can be together! it pleases me to see such a romantic ending because.... i guess i have the personality of a girl. but anyway just the romantics of this episode warrants your watching alone. great romantic pay off at the end!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Procrastination Filled Adventures of NaNoWriMo!

Hello, this is Shawn... and I am going to write about stuff I guess.
Normally I would be writing a humorous and/or entertaining post about music, books, manga, anime, taco bell, but right now I feel like talking about how I am completely failing at writing a novel by the end of this month.
Yes, I am trying to write a 50,000 word novel in one month for NaNoWriMo, if you don't know what that is please go on this website .
Okay, I am going to listen to some last fm and try to write some more.

MM! episode 06 cuz his family is this foul.

ok... this is some of the scariest shit ive ever seen but definatly one of my favorite animes. the word masochist doesnt even begin to describe tarou. i mean damn.... he gets off on anything.i think this is a freakin great series and if your not watching it you need to be.

this is possibly the only anime that made me contemplate suicide... i chose not to. who the hell would write this blog then. any way our super masochist friend tarou finds himself in trouble once again. with mio trying to break him and his family ruining his life. and yes his family is a bunch of freaks his sister and his mother both have a thing for incest..... again contemplating.

and yes this is exhibit A tarous sister trying to kiss him while he is sleeping... but anyway this is not important. they will play a big roll later. the episode starts with tarou runing through a mine field only to catch yet another ass whooping from mio san. again she is trying to break him... after this exhausting... activity he comes home to his f*cked up family. little does he know they have been reading his text messages and ploting to ruin his relationship with yunno. he comes home and they steal his phone. they send a text message to yunno asking her to come over posing as tarou. and yes you can see where this is going. yunno comes over they have a normal dinner a normal conversation and then all hell breaks loose. when yunno and tarou enter his room...... here let me just show you.

yes the evil basterds planted this in his room. but everythings ok. they clean the room and then have tea. and then.... the basterds make another attempt. they break out the classic  picture album approach. fission maild. its game over for them and the night ends out with yunno telling sado a secret and tarou handing his family over to a crazed photographer.... michuru. obviously you can tell that yunno and tarou got a thing goin on. they like each other deeply but yunnos androphobic and tarous a masochist..... weird shit. i am willing to bet money that by the end of the series he will have her. aight? peace!

Friday, November 5, 2010


heyyy...... i really dont know what to say.... this is our.... well... jakes first post. since no one else is here right now to type with me ill give the general idea of things. this is me and my groups blog.... we specialize in anime, manga, video game reviews and life advice. soooooo.... that said i will now introduce myself to you our viewer. i am jake... you may know me by several different usernames. such as jazuchan, slayedflavor, or dungeon dweller (1337). i am a manga fanatic a coffee addict a chiptuner a anime watcher a retro video game player a psychopathic thinker/typer a party monster and a music fiend. i will be the first to tell you my life is controlled by music. im not even kidding... my mood depends on whats playing in my earbuds... and theyre always in.... when theyre not broken. THUMBS UP FO JUSTIN LAW!!! yes just made a soul eater reference deal with it.... if you dont know i am a chiptuner. yes i make techno out old school video games (NES C64 SEGA). i am currently working on producing my new CD "beat em with a brk". it will be chocked full of 8 bit goodness i will post link to download when CD is finnished. right now i am typing this because i have zero of mah crew members here to talk to you all. they will later have their segments and introductory posts.
i will proceed to type... better yet give you an idea of what my life is like.... i wake in the morning shower go to school, deal with shit from all the "popular kids" and jocks. then i go to a vocational training class. deal with douche bags there. then i come home shower again watch some anime read some manga then decide to make an epic chiptune song. eat alot then go to sleep.... for the most part im happy. the only imes i can say that my life has a whole new meaning is when im with my only true friends... the critical hitz and shitz crew. yes it is true. i only have 5 friends. why? because everyone else at school is to wasted or ignorant to talk about something that actually matters. my friends are possibly the only people whos life isn't controlled by what society says is "cool". yes we may be otakus but were the coolest otakus youll ever meet!
       that said i will now disscus mah favorite mangas!!!! AIRGEAR!!!! if you have not read this exit out of this blog and read it on great fo online scans! air gear consists of a bunch of teens whos lives are changed forever by devices called "air trecks". air trecks are rollerblades powered by a motor giving people the ability to skate at breakneck speeds and temporarily fly....yes possibly the most awesome sh*t ive ever seen. the story follows a boy name itsuki (ikki) minami who happens to find a pair of air trecks. he puts them on and gos for a ride he masters them quickly but finds theres more to air trecks than just riding for fun. there are people that ride for fame and territory. storm riders... gangs of riders on airtrecks that control territories and terrorize the streets. and yes our main character gets sucked into all of it. NEXT MANGA!!!!! KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA!!! (maid sama) great manga i cant realy give you the plot without ruining it so its a secret read it your self. NEXT MANGA!!! you ready for this????? MY BALLS... yes this is the english name for it.... also known in japan as ore tama. one of the best plots ive seen since air gear. stupid yet amzing. our main character khota is goin for a nice evening stroll..... drunk. he stops in the woods to piss (which most drunks do frequently) yet to find him self in the middle of a holy war. completely oblivious to whats going on our hero finds himself pissing on a strange orb. little does he know that this is the very orb that the angels were trying to seal lady emaniel in. lady emaniel is the queen of HELL. ZAP lady emaniel sees an oppurtunity to escape the orb and jumps... right into khotas left nut. now its up to khota to save the world... by not busting a nut... (ejaculating for those who are lacking in sexual vocabulary). in a month the world will be saved from destruction if khota doesnt blow. and yes all hell will be after khota trying to make him.... yeah... that. funny must read!! sooooooooooo...... those are my favorite mangas! you can find all of my music HERE. so listen and enjoy comment and visit our blog again. we update weekley! PEACE!