Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bleach Review: Helping Lost Souls Find Peace!! :D

  Hey Guys!! It's Liz (crispy) here with another review up my sleeve!! ^ ^       Today I'm gonna review Bleach!                             
Bleach is about a fifteen year old boy named Ichigo Kurosaki (the guy in the image above), whom has the ability to see ghosts.  He's a typical tough guy with a tough looking face, but, despite that, he has a kind heart and is actually a great student.  He cares deeply for his friends, and one day, there is a monster attacking his town, Karakura, and he sees a girl in a black robe attack and slay the monster.
 That girl's name is Rukia, and she ends up in Ichigo's house later, because she senses spiritual pressure in his house.  Thinking that Rukia is a burgler, Ichigo kicks her in the butt and she explains what that monster was.  Apparently, the spiritual monster was a 'Hollow', and a lost soul that wanders the earth and fills its grief by feeding on humans.  Also, she didn't slay the monster- she cleansed it of its sin and most likely sent it to soul society if it was a good soul.  If it was a bad spirit, her sword (zanpakuto) sends it to hell, where it would belong.  Rukia explains that she is a Soul Reaper, sent from Soul Society.  Soul reapers help protect lost souls and help them find peace.  At this rate, Ichigo is confused, so Rukia shows him a pathetic drawing to explain it simpler!
 Ichigo then tells her that her drawings suck and she gives him a mushtache! XD

Next, Rukia senses spiritual pressure, and a hollow attacks Ichigo's family.  Rukia fights the hollow and is taken down. Injured and beat, Rukia asks Ichigo, "Do you want to save your family?" and Ichigo says, "Of course."  Rukia then offers Ichigo to give him her powers by striking her sword through his heart.  He agreees, and she strikes the sword through his heart! Awakened, Ichigo is now a Substitute Soul Reaper and devotes his powers to helping lost souls find peace!
 My favorite episode is episode 10, the BWAHAHAHA EPISODE!!!! but, I shall not spoil it for you :D

Over all, this is personally one of my favorite anime for the great action, fights scenes are EPIC, and the comedy is GREAT! It really delves deep into the characters past, and you can relate to them-the characters really grow on you.  I would recommend this to any action fan of anime. :D
-The manga is more fast paced, if you prefer the manga, but the anime is good too despite the fillers.  It just depends if you're a filler person or not-
I would give this show an OVER 9000/10!!!
 This is Liz over and out! BWAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!!

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