Monday, January 31, 2011

bullet hell and a playlist to kill to.....

jazus here with some bullet hell screen shots and some playlist action.
ive been doing nothing but playing bullet hells and watching anime.... and another thing just came to mind.... DAN HASNT POSTED IN AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill work on that but first bullet hell.... so the ingame music gets on your nerves after a while and pushes you to the point of wanting to decapitate a giraffe.... that... is... disgusting..... but any way i formed an ipod playlist to listen to while blowing away millions of enemies!!!!!!!
so heres some screen shots of undefined fantastic object!!! (ufo)
this looks easy but if you dont kill the bastards fast enough it will be atrue bullet hell!!!!! the first boss is a piece of cake the second one is damn near impossible on hard mode!!!!!! but as promised here is the play list!!!
1. Swagga by excision and dastik
2. urban style music by lemon D
3. computerisms by talk to animals
4. fastlane by biolante
5.hello allison from the JSRF ost
6.holy calamity by handsom boy modeling school
7. a reason for broken wings by a skylit drive
8. raining blood by slayer
9. this love you breath by eyes set to kill
10. violent kiss by eyes set to kill
11. five months by parkway drive
and there you go this is music to kill tooo!!!!!!

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