Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baccano Review: Mafia, Alchemists, Immortality, and Thieves!

Hey guys! It's Liz (crispy) here with a review on none other than Baccano! itself- Baccano is an italian word for "noise", and boy, there is ALOT of noise in this anime!

 There are 16 episodes total, each about 24 minutes long.  I must admit though, you gotta stick with the show inorder to understand it, because there are flash forwards and flashbacks of what will happen/what already happened through out.  For example, the first episode might be confusing to you at first, but after you watch more episodes, it will gradually make more sense.  The directors of the show like to make you think! You have to put all the pieces together yourself, adn then you shall find the answer :D
 The characters of this show are very interesting, ranging from killers, alchemists, thieves, mafia, and immortals that regenrate after having a bunch of bullets through them.  My all-time favorite characters are Isaac and Miria, the 'thieves'!  They both together count as one character to me, because they act the same, and complete eachother- they love eachother.  I love how they always come up with great disguises XD
 Firo of the Prochainezo family is awesome too! He's immortal along with his pal, Luck Gandor.  Another fun aspect of this show is how Firo says "Hey old timer!"

I would recommend watching this anime in the english dub over the japanese dub, because the accents of the characters in english are very fun to watch!
 The setting of the series takes place on the Flying Pussyfoot, a train that is escorting the passengers aboard.  The conflict is that there is a Rail Tracer (supposedly a monster, according to some characters) that is taking hostages and causing the disappearances of others on the train.  Another mystery of the show is who the main character is, which you shall find out in the end-

The action is great, and Isaac and Miria are the comic relief- I would give this show an over 9000/10 and would recommend it to pretty much any anime fan ^ ^

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