Saturday, February 12, 2011

PoKe'Mon Manga: The Electric Tale of Pikachu Review!!

Hey guys!! It's Liz (cirspy) here with a review on Poke'MoN the manga: The Electric Tale of pikachu!! :D
There are four comics total in the U.S. as far as I know, and boy, are they funny!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
The manga has somewhat of a different story telling than the anime.  In the manga, Ash finds pikachu in the wall of his house going through wires (since Pikachu is an electric mouse and all) and he gets rubber gloves so he won't get shocked.  Pikachu eventually becomes his companion and they set out on their journey, as very pokemon trainer does. 
 Brock and Misty even join Ash in his quest.  And  yes, Pikachu also toasts Misty's bike XD
Professor Oak eating Ramen, Gary and Sabrina are in the first four comics as well- IT IS VERY FAST-PACED, which I prefer things fast paced because it moves along quicker. 
The comedy is nonetheless GREAT!!! I really enjoy the characters' expressions and the art style as well!
I would recommend this to any pokemon fan :D
 There's also a Star Trek reference, as you can see on Pikachu's chest ( the image above is reade LEFT to right)
Well, I would give this manga an OVER 9000 out of 10!! and there you have it! This is Liz, over and out-

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