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bullet hell and a playlist to kill to.....

jazus here with some bullet hell screen shots and some playlist action.
ive been doing nothing but playing bullet hells and watching anime.... and another thing just came to mind.... DAN HASNT POSTED IN AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill work on that but first bullet hell.... so the ingame music gets on your nerves after a while and pushes you to the point of wanting to decapitate a giraffe.... that... is... disgusting..... but any way i formed an ipod playlist to listen to while blowing away millions of enemies!!!!!!!
so heres some screen shots of undefined fantastic object!!! (ufo)
this looks easy but if you dont kill the bastards fast enough it will be atrue bullet hell!!!!! the first boss is a piece of cake the second one is damn near impossible on hard mode!!!!!! but as promised here is the play list!!!
1. Swagga by excision and dastik
2. urban style music by lemon D
3. computerisms by talk to animals
4. fastlane by biolante
5.hello allison from the JSRF ost
6.holy calamity by handsom boy modeling school
7. a reason for broken wings by a skylit drive
8. raining blood by slayer
9. this love you breath by eyes set to kill
10. violent kiss by eyes set to kill
11. five months by parkway drive
and there you go this is music to kill tooo!!!!!!

MONSTER Review: The Darkness Inside US ALL

 Hey guys! It's Liz here and now I'm gonna review Monster.  Monster is what I would call a psychological thriller masterpiece.  It delves deep into the psychology and sociology of the human mind.  It starts off with a doctor named Tenma, as seen up above.  He is a doctor that genuinely believes that all lives are equal.  And one day, when a little boy with a head injury is sent to the emergency room, right before he begins surgery on the boy, he is told by his boss to do surgery on the mayor instead. Tenma refuses to do so, because the boy was his first patient and he believes that all lives are equal.  As a result, he lost his position,his fiancee, and the support he once has as a doctor, because hospital politics turned against him for his actions.  But honestly, if I were in Tenma's shoes, I would have done the same thing and save the boy, because the boy was sent in before the mayor was.
 The boy whom Tenma saved was named Johan Liebert.  He was a twin to his sister, who was also in the hospital from the trauma.  Soon after, the director of the hospital and Tenma's colleagues were murdered.  Tenma, ofcourse, is the suspect (but he really didn't do it) and is blamed for the deaths.  Tenma however, believes that the boy he saved, Johan, caused the murders; and you will soon find out that this boy is more than what he seems to be.  So, having cleared his name, Tenma is now a fugitive on the run and is tying to find the answers to the hospital murders to prove his innocence. 
   (to the left is an older Johan) Years later, Tenma encounters Johan again, and Johan sends Tenma cryptic messages in German,like: "Help me! Help me! The monster inside me is growing bigger and bigger!! Look at me! Look at me!" and murders more innocent people because he wants poeple to feel the same pain that he did.  Tenma tries to save Johan, but his efforts are in vain.  Johan's twin sister, Nina, is also after Johan, because she wants to stop him and his crimes.
  Along Tenma's journey to find out about the twin's past, he encounters a man named Grimmer.  Grimmer repressed his memories from his horrible childhood at 511 Kinderheim.  511 Kinderheim was an orphanage during the early 1900s that did experiemnts on children, taught communism, and how to be spies.  They didn't teach people kindness or emotions, as Grimmer said: "The hardest thing to learn was learning how to smile."  The only thing that Grimmer remembers from his childhood at 511 was watching a TV show called: The Magnificent Steiner.
  The Magnificent Steiner was about a weakling of a man whom whenever was in trouble, had a special friend come and save him.  Little did he know that that special friend was HIMSELF.  The weakling would wake up to find his enemies groveling at his feet.  This symbolizes what a split personality is like and how it affected Grimmer.  The characters of this show are awesome and it really devles deep into the human mind and the monster inside of us all.  I would give this show a 10/10 and  would recommend it to any action/suspense/horror fan.  After all, this series was created by 'Japan's master of suspense'.  There is 74 episodes total, and it had previously run on syfy- i would recommend the manga more thn the anime though, because the manga is more fast-paced if you prefer it faster. 
well, there you have it!

Bakemonogatari: Demons and Oddities Review

 Hey guys! It's Liz here and today I'm gonna be reviewing Bakemonogatari AKA "Ghost Story".  There are 16 episodes, each about 24 minutes each, and to the left is one of the main characters, Senjougahara- whom is possessed by the spirit Hitagi Crab.  Hitagi Crab is a demon that makes you lose weight til you're practically weightless. The characters of this show are AWESOME and it really delves deep into each individuals background and their problems.  The problems of these characters are also easy to relate to, which makes it fun to watch ^ ^

 Oshino (to the left) is a middle aged-guy that helps people out with their oddities, AKA demons.  The plot basically revolves around the main character, Araragi, a former vampire, and the oddities he comes across and how he helps the poeple with those oddities.                                                                     
My favorite character of the anime is Suruga, a tomboyish lesbian with an oddity of her own. She is the character to the left in the pink with the bandage on her left arm.  Underneath the bandage, is a hairy monkey's arm.  Her oddity has two names: Suruga Monkey and Rainy Devil.

To the left is a picture of her possessed by the oddity Rainy Devil.  The oddity causes you to go insane and gives you an instinct to kill(like an animal).  She wanted to kill Araragi because he is Senjougahara's boyfriend and Suruga has a crush on Senjougahara, which made her jealous.  And we all know that whatever comes out of jealousy ain't pretty!  This series teaches us all a lesson on jealousy and plenty of other aspects we can relate to.  What I especially love about this anime is the plot and story.
After Surugi and Araragi fight, Senjougahara comes in and comforts her friend Suruga (the one possessed by Rainy Devil) and helps her come to. Senjougahara says that they can still be friends even though she and Araragi are going out, and saying that made Suruga feel happy.  So, that covers just 2 episodes (i think episode 7 and 8)!! AND it gets better!!

 To the left is another girl possessed by an oddity known as 'Tsubasa Cat'.  It is a demon that causes you to have a split personally which is opposite of your original personality.  Above that image of her is two more images that show her possessed by the Tsubasa Cat.  She is in love with Araragi and lemme tell ya, theres ALOT of unrequited love in this show! So, basically, she turns into Tsubasa Cat whenever its Golden Week, and her jealousy and frustration is shown in her split personality, AKA  the Tsubasa Cat.

Well, I guess this wraps it up, but this was an AWESOME SHOW!! You will love the characters, I guarantee it! The plot is scattered, but intereting, the art is great, and I would recommed it to any anime fan! 10/10 hands down!

CENCOROLL: Transforming Aliens and Giant Pudding!

Hey guys :D
It's Liz here-
thanks for the compliments jazu :D
its no problem at all ^  ^

anyhow, here is an anime review on one of the shortest anime out there: CENCOROLL.
Cencoroll is a 30 minute long anime ( however the producers of the show are comin out with a second Cencoroll soon).  This show is basically about transforming monsters that get involved in three highschoolers' lives, the military and is also about GIANT PUDDING. 
Well, first off, the show starts out with an alien that comes to earth through a different dimension.  Next thing you know, a high school girl sees a high school boy walking out with his bike.  Then all of a sudden, she noices an eyeball pop out on the bike seat so she pokes the eyeball and the bike transforms into a blob-like white creature.  Apparently, the creature is the boy's companion.  The creature can transform into pretty much anything whether it be giant scissors, giant pudding, a panda, a bike, or even a car!!! ( a car that can drive itself) .  This show kinda reminds me of transformers taken to a whole new level. Now here's the conflict: another highschool kid has an alien like Cenco ( the name that the girl came up with for the boy's transforming creature), and Cenco and the other creature have this epic battle.  The battle causes such a ruckus that the military battles against the creatures and brings in tanks, fighter jets, you name it!  I must admit though, the animators of this show fit ALOT of stuff into this feature in only 30 minutes!!
 The animation quality is GREAT, the fights are EPIC and nonetheless fast paced.  The only bummer about this show is that it's not long enough as you would want it to be, but I guess that's qhy the animators are making a second Cencoroll. ^  ^
I would HIGHLY recommend this to ANY ANIME FAN. I would easily give this anime a 10/10 for the GIANT PUDDING!!! I mean, come on, giant pudding ? THATS AWESOME!!!!!!

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a new member and kore wa zombie desu ka?

hey every one its jazu!!!! but first i have an important announcement!!!! i gotta give it up for LIZ!!! she is a new member of our blog and is blowing it up with spost of awesome i have never seen a better writer othe than shawn! Liz if you see this i want you to know that you are awesome and our blog has exploded since you joined!!!!! THANK YOU OH SO MUCH!!!!!

but any way i will give a quick overview of an anime series i will start reviewing when the next episode drops!!! i love this f*ckin anime... kore wa zombie desu ka? is amazing in alot of ways. the plot is damn genius the character design is damn awesome and everything else is pretty good too the only complaint i have is character depth. the character depth isnt that good. the new characters arrive and things are kind of fuzzy. it doesnt really explain who they are or what they do very well but that still isnt enough to make me hate it!!! the artwork is nice and dark and can be very serious when it wants to but not to often. i love it...
alright im going to give you a quick run down of what happened in the first 3 episodes and i will have a full review for #4 when it drops.
in episode #1 the main characters are established and theier rolls are made somewhat evident. sthe main character is a zombie the secondary maincharacter is a necromancer the next secondary character is established as a mahou shoujo..... ok. there is also a allusion to the fact that the main character was murdered and revived as a zombie but not much detail is put into that. they just kind of throw it out there to keep you interested. also an enemy is introduced and will make several re appereances due to its affiliation with an enemy organization... the maincharacter adopts both secondary characters and lives with them. end of story....
episode #2 the episode starts with our maincharacter running then flashes to him getting murdered and thus explains why hes a zombie.... ok then they explain how he met the first secondary character (necromancer) and gives reasons for everything. then after awhile we run back to present day. shortly after words another secondary character is introduced but this time as an enemy. the maincharacter fights the enemy wins and she joins the party (vampire ninja). one hell of a group we go here.
epidsode #3 this is somewhat of some filler but steps closer to our maincharacters killer. alot of unimportant stuff happens involving pudding then they go to the hospital to visit a killer victim and she gives cluse to who the killer is and its a spoiler so youll have to watch it.

yeah.... thats about it great series great emotional depth but bad character depth..... this is amazing. i think the whole character depth thing was on purpose to keep you guessing.... oh well we'll find out later!!!

Now and Then Here and There: War Through the Eyes of a Child

 Now and Then Here and There is an all-time favorite anime of mine :D
The main character's name is Shu.  He is a typical Japanese boy with a positive attitude, and has an incredible sense of determination.  He always looks for the best in everything, and never gives up. He is a really inspiring character- in fact, my favorite male anime character ever!!

The story's setting begins in modern-day Japan, Shu is doing kendo with his buddies, and loses the match. Determined though, he is still positive that someday he will win! On his way home, he looks up at the sunset by the smokestacks, which he used to climb up when he was little. Up there, he sees a girl watching the sunset on those smokestacks.
The girl's name is Lala Ru (yes, I know, it's a  funny name- but believe it or not, this is a serious anime- and the watch is REALLY WORTH IT)
apparently, some bad guys are after her from another world and when they come to earth, Shu gets all dragged in this mess.  Next thing you know, Shu is transported to the desert world that Lala Ru came from and he vows to save her.  In this world, Shu soon discovers what war is REALLY like: genocide, child exploitation, rape, and torture. Whether he can hold up his values remains to be seen.  This series sticks with us because it's so hauntingly real.

There aren't enough words to describe how awesome this anime is!!! IT IS SO UNDERAPPRECIATED, but I GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I SURE DID!!!!!!!!!!!
i give this show an OVER 9000/10!!
 This show teaches us a lesson on how to appreciate the small things in life. Such as the sunrise - it symbolizes a new beginning and a new hope. And no matter how hard a time you are going through, there is still good yet to come.

and there you have it!


 Cowboy Bebop is one of those classic underappreciated anime.  The main character, Spike Spiegel, is a bounty hunter (space cowboy) that chases after intergalactic bad guys for mad money.  His partner, Jet Black, a former cop who lost his arm in an accident, chases bounty heads by his side. Along the way, Spike and Jet encounter a stray dog, Ein, that becomes their companion, Radical Edward, a computer hacker (who is a girl, i  may add!), and Faye Valentine, an amnesiac bounty hunter who only has money on the mind. 
 The characters from left to right are jet, spike, faye, edward, and ein. I personally think this series has great characters that you get to know so well, it delves deep into each individual's past, and it feels like you know 'em and can relate to them. 
 I would have to say that Spike is my favorite character, because he's just awesome how he says : "BANG" and has great aim- I just love how he fights with his kung foo thing goin on!!!! He claims that he already died once...."to a woman..."; that woman's name was Julia, I believe-

There are 26 episodes total, and the cool thing about the show is that there is an individual music genre for each episode. For example, one episode is called: Heavy metal Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Waltz for Venus, Ballad of Angels, Mushroom Samba( episode 17- a hilarious episode!) and my personal favorite episode, Toys in the Attic.

Episode 11, Toys in the Attic, teaches a lesson to us all: DON'T LEAVE THINGS IN THE FRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(you'll see why in time :D)

This series overall has great animation quality, was animated by studio bones (the same animation studio that did fullmetal alchemist and soul eater- two AWESOME SERIES I MAY ADD)and a great soundtrack!! This is defiitely a classic, and if you didn;t see this show yet, you don't know what you're missin'! Well, you know what they say, easy come, easy go.


 Azumanga Daioh is the funniest,random anime I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! The story revolves around six highschool girls. Chiyo ( the one with the orange hair ) is a child prodigy; a 10 year old in high school!! The one on the far right is Tomo, the hyper, bold, energetic one of the group. The one on the bottom, third to the left, is Osaka (my favorite!) the 'western' Japanese girl, and the RANDOM one!!! The one farthest on the left with the glasses in Yomi, the 'sarcastic' one, who always is on a diet, apparently.  The one on the top right is Kagura, the sports girl- the competitive one! The top left one is Sakaki the 'gentle giant'; she has a weakness for cute things, especially cats! And whenever she tries to pet a cat, it bites her :(
 ...poor sakaki :(

 The 'Father' of the show is Chiyo's dad (Chiyo chichi, or Bill Clinton/Santa Claus...I'll explain that later....)
The plot basically revolves around the random lives of these highschool girls, but my favorite episode is episode 8! The ''New Year Dream Special"!!!! First off, Osaka (the random one) dreams about chiyo flying with her pigtails!!! YES, YOU HEARD ME!!! FLYING WITH HER PIGTAILS!!!!!! so, once Chiyo lands on the ground, Osaka rips her pigtails off, thinking that she is helping her, but Chiyo faints, so, Osaka sticks Chiyo's pigtails onto her head and flies away!!!!! Sakaki ofcourse dreams about Chiyos dad and wakes up to Osaka holding a Hawk and Eggplant O3O'
and all the other characters have interesting dreams as well! :D (but I won't spoil 'em)
I prefer the English dub over Japanese, because in episode 25, Osaka refers to Chiyo's "dad" as Bill Clinton- but she doesn;t say that in the Japanese version- so, what I'm saying is: the English dub has more jokes to it-
as for the Santa joke, one day Chiyo says that her father is Santa, and Sakaki gets a mental image of Chiyo's 'dad' as Santa (as seen below)
My favorite quote from the show is 'OH MAH GAH' quoted from Osaka. That is how she reacts to Chiyo's dad flying at her saying I wish i were a bird
<-------(which is him flying to America because that is where is daughter will be studying abroad- don't ask)

I would easily give this show a 10/10 and recommend it to any anime fan that enjoys randomness!!!!

HOTD: Highschool Of The Dead

 High School of the Dead (HOTD) is a great zombie-butt-kicking anime to boot!!! With action, fanservice, and horror that makes one heck of a combination!!! The characters are awesome, but my favorite one is Saeko- the swords-woman. And when you try to kill a zombie, keep this in mind: AIM FOR THE HEAD!!!!!!! AND BOY, this show aims for the head!!! My second favorite character is the Otaku with the glasses- he shoots zombies with a NAIL GUN!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!!!? The main character is Takashi, whom kills the zombies with a baseball bat!!! ( which is also awesome ).  There is a pervy nurse, a smart ,tsundere pink haired chick, and another light brown-haired tsundere, Rei.  Not to mention, they lso meet a little girl later on and a dog (zeke)
 And man, this show has fanservice,  AND THEY GO OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!! The animators sure made the fanservice scenes funny, though!!! Especially in episode 8, when Takashi used Rei's chest as a pillow inorder to fire her sniper rifle and when he shot the bullet, and there was a 'matrix-like' scene when Saeko's boobs were flopping to dodge the bullet!! LOLOLOLLOLOOLOL
 now Saeko is embarassed LOL

But honestly, I give the show a 10/10- for ultimate zombie-butt-kickin and fanservice galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  as Saeko says: "She is a girl, too, you know"
well, i guess that wraps it up! LOVE AND PEACE

KODOCHA: The Ultimate Anime that Raps!!!

  Kodocha is personally my favorite shoujo anime.  It is about an 11 year old actress/student with an agent, or her "pimp", rather.  From chipmunks living in her mother's head to rapping about her day, Kodocha is the queen of comedy in Anime!!
 The plot of the show revolves around Sana's life and the people she affects/helps along the way.  The first couple episodes are about her showing the school bullies who's boss when they overtake her classroom. She is taken to school everyday by her manager/agent/pimp/boyfriend Rei, whom drives her to school 'safely at 3 miles per hour!!  
 She has a leading role part time in the show Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha), "Child's Toy".  One of the school bullies at the school, Akito slowly becomes friends with Sana and she helps him put his life back together. You see, he didn't have a good relationship with his family, but when Sana came along with her positive, cheerful attitude, I think that inspired Akito.   Later on, the story delves deep into Sana's past; but what I like best about the show is Sana's raps!!!!! Especially her 'Math Rap'!!

 To the left is one of the MANY hats that Sana's mother wears!! From wearing chipmunks to the empire state building to bazookas!!
 All in all, Kodocha is one of the best anime I have ever seen! With romantic comedy, comedy in general, and great characters this is definitely a must see to any comedy fan!! I prefer english dub of this anime for once, because YOU GOTTA HEAR THE RAPS IN ENGLISH!!!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!

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Beelzebub episode 4 Review!! hot off the press yo! (not literally)

 Beelzebub episode 4 was nonetheless hilarious!! Oga ( the juvinile delinquent, who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby- A DEMON BABY- in fact, baby of the Great Demon Lord!!)
  As you can see in the beginning of the episode, Oga is dreaming of floating in an ocean.....but little does he know that that ocean he is floating in is Baby Beel's pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oga wakes up to find his whole room flooded with Baby Beel's pee, so Oga opens a window and lets the pee flood the street- he worries though that the world will end from being flooded by Baby Beel!

Mean while, Oga looks for a solution to the peeing problem, and happens to see a commercial on TV aout Daipies, with apparently can hold soakage for up to ten hours. So, before he goes to the store to get the Daipies, Hilda ( Baby Beel's "mother", a demon maid, rather) suggests a device Baby Beel can wear called 'pee be gone'. 'Pee be gone' is a demon diaper thing that transports Baby Beel's pee to a different dimension.

  So, Oga and Baby Beel head to a drug store to get the Diapies!
And, next thing you know, there happens to be an armed robbery at the store that Oga is at while he and Baby Beel get the Diapies. Of course, Oga sees that these robbers are 'evil', and tries to give Baby Beel to them, but he later sees that they are not worth parenting him...
So, after Oga kicks the robbers' butts, he, Hilda, and Baby Beel fly off to the ocean so Baby Beel can pee in it-

 Well, it appears that np matter how hard Oga tries, he just can't get rid of Baby Beel!

This is personally one of the best anime I have seen with great comedy, and action! Not to mention, I always get a kick outta Baby Beel's voice-
I would say this anime has an awesome plot, intweresting characters, and is headed in the right direction! Stay tuned for the new episode next Satuday!!  "DA BOO" (as Baby Beel would say) :D

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bullet hell and the relationship i maintain with them

alright jazu here for another anime related but not anime topic...
today we're going to talk about BULLET HELL. i will start by defining the term bullet hell. also known as shmups which is short for shoot em ups, a bullet hell is any game that is a 2d vertical scrolling shoot em up with high difficulty. most games towards the end will fill the screen with bullets or projectiles making general patters for you to follow to avoid obliteration. I F*CKING LOVE BULLET HELLS!1!!! i recently downloaded a game by the name of undefined fantastic object (ufo) which is one of the hardest bullet hells out there other than YGS2000, which is damn near impossible in later levels but anyway the game consists of a tiny anime girl at the bottom of the screen (you) and millions of enemies and bullets assailing your @$$. you will fight bosses and much more. this game is must download for any bullet hell or shmup fan. i saw some people play YGS2000 pattern 65 on youtube and my life will never be the same!!! you will need a torrent to download undefined fantastic object. its one of the most popular touhou games!!! LONG LIVE BULLET HELLS!

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beezlebub episode 3 oh lawd

alright its jazu...
i was really f*cking confused about this because after episode 2 dropped the ova dropped and to me that means that the series is over but im just retarded so as promised heres episode 3!

i love this series. it delivers funny with action and everything else. this reminds me so much of airgear which was the best series ever!!1! the only thing i have to say that i dislike is the way they introduce the episodes. it always starts "once upon a time in a faraway land..." what the hell is this star wars? but any way its great!

ok!! lets get this show on the road!! so the episode starts with hilda explaining the importance of feeding beezle five times a day. and this led to oga making 2 breast jokes and having stilletos jammed in the side of his head. after that he gets half way down the street and beel is hungry. he gets feed and they go to school. then this happens.
so what do ya do? feed the little bastard again!!!! but he lost the milk..... so lets buy yogurt! so Oga buys yogurt but pisses off a bunch of third years working for kanzaki... ok lets get this straight. kanzaki is this third year bad ass who is not to be trifled with. he has a kick that equals the power of a magnum... damn thats tuff. but anyway oga figures that if what they say is true he should be able to ditch beezle with kanzaki!
but it ends up that kanzaki wasnt the one.... so what does oga do? throws his dumb @$$ out the window. and thats the last we heard from kanzaki. so it ends up that Oga wasnt able to succesfully dump beezle and the story continues!


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LOGAAAAN!!!!!! Wolverine Episode 2 Review.

I guess I have waited long enough to review this episode. The only valid excuse I have is that I have spend the last week watching the crap out of Ouran High School Host Club (which I will soon finish and write a tribute for sometime next week).

The episode begins with Logan fighting the same guy from the end of the first episode (Shingen) and he eventually passes out due to a tranquilizer dart shot into his back. Eventually, Logan's body is conveniently placed on a railroad (I wonder how that happened?) and a myserious figure saves him from getting his ass run over by a train.
Logan and the unnamed savior are chased down by both the police and the Yakuza and a new character is introduced and there is a battle that will definetly happen between the two in the next episode.

This series is very good at having a good to okay plot during the episodes, but, so far the cliff hangers they end with trigger the eight year old inside of me who wants to see two dudes beat the crap out of each other, but they have to end up waiting one, painful week to be able to watch it.
I think that this show may be a little shallow for some, but I think that for the kind of audience that this anime is directed towards, it is not a bad thing. There is some story, but this is an action anime. At this point, knowing that there are only 12 episodes in the series, the story could either become slightly deeper or much, much shallower.

Overall, this anime is like Peeps, they are fun but there is no substance to it... well besides the sugar and food coloring.
I still think that this is a series that is worth watching. I will have the review of Episode 3 up as soon as I can.

-Kabbage Kritter

Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

Mirai Nikki is a great action/mystery manga.Mirai Nikki, otherwise known as Future Diary is a great mystery/action manga- i would give it a 10/10 easily, hands down :D

There are 59 chapters total, each chapter about 30 pages or so

The plot revolves around the protagonist, Yukiteru ( Yuki) , a fourteen year old boy who views himself as a bystander and records everything he sees in his cellphone, calling it his diary-
He doesn't have any friends and only speaks with his imaginary friends- Deus Ex Machina is one of them; Deus controls time and space manipulation-
but little does Yuki know that his imaginary friend, Deus is REAL and Deus invents a survival game.  Deus chooses 13 diary holders with cellphones, identities hidden and all- and gives them each the power to see the future within their cell phone diaries. It's pretty awesome, actually-
Also, whoever wins the survival game becomes 'God' of time and space

The diary holders involve a stalker girl who is obsessed with Yuki, a terrorist, a police officer, two lovers, and a few others from completely different backgrounds.
There is plenty of drama, action, and some comedy as well-

The plot is solid and sticks to the point, the characters quickly grow on you and on top of that, the art is awesome as well- this is one of those few excellent masterpieces in the history of anime

Hanako and the Terror of Allegory (Hanako to Guwa no Teller)

Hanako and the Terror of Allegory is a horror manga about allegories, or rather, 'myths' that come true when someone believes in them.  The story revolves around an allegory detective by the name of Aso Daisuke (I won't spoil too much, but he is actually an allegory himself).  Aso and his companion, Hanako of the Toilet ( an allegory herself), she is connected to every toilet in the world) face off against other allegories that harm people.  For example, there is the slit-mouthed woman allegory (a tale that involves a woman that wants to be 'beautiful' and slits her mouth into a huge grin and turns into a monster, asking people: "AM I BEAUTIFUL NOW?".  Another allegory is Demon in the Mirror ( a tale in which you place two mirrors facing eachother at midnight and a demon appears in the mirror, asking you what you want.  He is willing you grant you whatever you want at the cost of your soul).  There is also the Merry-san allegory ( a tale that occurs if someone throws a doll away, they will get a call on their cellphone from the doll , Merry, and she will ask: "What did you throw me away?! I am coming to get you!" Next thing you know, you get calls on your cellphone every five minutes and she gets closer and closer to you and the last call you get on the cellphone will be her saying that he is right behind you)Another allegory is the 'man under the bed', the 'gap girl', 'alligorification', the fish-faced human, teke teke, and many others.

This series is what I call a complete masterpiece...10/10!!!!!!!! hands down, I say!!
The characters are really interesting and the plot is awesome!!! I highly recommend it to any manga horror fan :D ...More

Sunday, January 16, 2011

beezlebub episode 2 suicide is an option.

hey its jazu. and im back with review #2 of beezlebub. this is a great series in its animation comedy and watchability. this needs to be watched by all who visit this blog. it is necessary!!!! lets get started.

the episode starts with oga and furichi at school still trying to figure out what this baby likes.they start with a plush doll and a dissected frog. the baby chooses the dissected frog. what a shocker... that was sarcasm. then they move to a human body replica. there are two sides a muscel display and a flesh display. baby choses the raw muscle side... wow what a evil child.
with that established they both go back to oga's house after having beezlebub blow up yet another hallway. upon arriving at his humble abode he finds hilda explaining to oga's parents and you can see where things can be misunderstood. parents figure that their son f*cked up and had a kid and they accept it. (whats wrong with this picture)
yay for misunderstanding. now the 15 meters rule is introduced. if beezlebub gets ore than 15 meters away from oga, oga will die. beezlebub will throw such a fit that it will kill oga. then what?
now he has the dimensional transport guy following him wherever he goes to keep him notified of how far away beezlebub is even here.

this is not ok...... i digress. after leaving that awkward moment in the bath tub behind he goes to his room and furuichi is there thanks to the dimensional transport guy. i refuse to type his name. but any way they find out that the only reason beezlebub is so attached to oga is that oga is a violent fearless bastard. they figure that if they can find some one equally as ruthless they should be able to ditch beezlebub. guess what not working.
then backin hell demon king realizes he forgot to send his sons favorite toy with him. so he sends it via dead ex!!! lulz. so hilda recieves it via dead ex and brings it to school to find oga and beezl. upon entering the classroom she is instantly surrounded by delinquents. upon being approached by one she draws her blade and sends his sorry @$$ for a trip out the window. now its about lunch time and beezl is hungry and what do babies do when thier hungry? blow up hallways of course! so they go to get food and all hell breaks loose once again. so needing a little man time the two oga and beezl go the the river to learn a lesson. directly after beezl learns that crying oisnt always good these two @$$holes witha motor cycle grab him. oga trying to keep withing the 15 meters to avoid death is haulin @$$. then dimensional transport guy pops up and it all ends with this!!!
then i came across this and cried.