Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blood + Anime Review (hot off the press!)

Hey guys!! It's Liz here with yet another anime review :D
This time I am reviewing Blood +
 Blood + is my all time favorite horror anime/manga ever :D
The plot revolves around Saya, an amnesiac high schooler who can't remember anything past one year.  She was adopted by a man named George, whom also took in two other guys, a boy named Riku, and and a teenager named Kai.  One day, she leaves her track shoes at school, and heads back at night.  She sees a mysterious man with long dark hair and a dagger; she then calls for help.  The teacher who helped her was then dragged up a tree by a monster.  That monster was known as a chiropteran, and the dark haired man gave Saya some of his blood so that she could awaken.  The man gives her her sword and she kills the beast.  Saya's blood is the only blood that can kill chiropterans and she joins forces with an organization known as the red shield, to stop them.
Now I shall get into the characters! ^ ^
 Haji is the mysterious tall, dark figure.  He knows everything about Saya's past and is connected to her somehow.  He's also quite good at playing the cello, if I do say so myself!  His right hand is the hand of a chiropteran, I believe.
 Here's Kai, Saya's brother.  He is personally my favorite character of the series.  He introduces Saya to the phrase "Nankuru-nasa",which means "live for today and look forward to tomorrow".  Kai is the big brother figure and always supports Saya and his family.  He is a great character.
 Riku is Saya and Kai's younger brother.  He is gentle and kind.  He normally does the housework.

George is the man whom adopted Saya, Kai, and Riku.  He lost his wife and daughter in a terrible accident.  He is a great father, and is very supportive.
 To the left is David.  He is the guy in charge of Saya and is part of the Red Shield organization.  He is stern, and serious, and right to the point. 
 Diva is Saya's evil sister.  I don't wanna spoil too much so I won't get into it.  ^ ^'

Anyhow, the plot is great, the characters draw close to you, and the animation is awesome! What can I say? This is a GREAT ANIME! I give this anime an over 9000/10 hands down and I recommend this show to any action/horror fan

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