Wednesday, February 9, 2011

KORE WA ZOMBIE DESU KA? episode 4 a bad day for suicide.

well its the always lazy as sh*t jazuchan. and he promised and failed to deliver so death is in order now. so jazu will leave you this review then go die somewhere.....(not really). but anyway i will have pictures and both reviews will be in one so lets get it on!!!!!

the episode stars with our favorite b1tch ninja tryin to cook... the out come is a vile concoction resembling squid ink.... this is not only disgusting but highly caustic!!! in fact it melts everything touching it! this is not recommended cooking my friends (unless your paula dean then in that case add a couple sticks of butter).

but after that life changing incident a megalo show up at the door... but hes a good guy and a dog at the same time. crazy sh*t furrys to? but any way after realizing that he's in the care of hell scyth dono he leaves but mentions something about someone getting killed. so ayumu chases him. only to have a repeat of his last go around with the murderer. but with an extra cassualtie: dog guy.
this is a real devastating blow to his emotions. so he goes home soaked in blood to explain the situation to Yuu. he then poses several serious questions to Yuu trying to get a better understanding of why she does what she does.... and some strange answers were revealed.....

and then the romance developes and if you want more of that watch it......
so after that heart touching moment they both wake to realize a huge @$$ whale barrelling toward tokyo....... hard not to notice. but they sever its head.... then the episode ends with the death of innocence.

yes the young girl in the hospital kills her self.... WHYYYYYYYY????? THIS IS THE KIND OF SH*T THAT JACKS MY MIND!!!!!!! IM OUT!!!!!

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