Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beelzebub episode 7 Summary : First Park Debut!

 Hey guys!! It's Liz (crispy) again with a review not literally up my sleeve!! :D  Today I'm gonna be reviewing Beelzebub episode 7.  Just for the scoop incase you never saw Beelzebub before, it is about a juvinile delinquent, who, through strange circumstances, is raising a baby! A DEMON BABY(the son of the demon lord, actually)   In the beginning of this episode, it shows Kanzaki and Himekawa, two delinquents that Oga beat up in previous episodes, lying in two hospital beds.  They hope that Oga gets back what he did to them.  And boy, they sure got beat!
 Meanwhile, at Oga's house, his family encourages he and Hilda (the maid from the underworld that serves Baby Beel) to go on a park debut so that they can socialize and meet other parents inorder to make a good impression on the neighborhood.  So, Oga ends up going with Baby Beel on his first Park Debut! O.O

Before making an appearance, Oga is training by literally throwing Baby Beel like a football and catching him!!!  He throws Baby Beel atleast 500 feet or so XD
  And this is Baby Beel's reaction to Oga throwing him like a football..................................................................................................
   When Oga sees mothers with their children, he smiles at them with an unintentional evil look.  Terrified, the women and babies run away!! XD  Even Baby Beel had an evil look on his face!!

Next thing you know, a cop shows up and attempts to arrest Oga for child abuse, because he lets Baby Beel go around naked.  Then, Oga fights the cop!
 (that's gonna hurt in the morning)
After that, the cop blasts off with a ding, and there is quite a twist at the end of the episode!!
 Supposedly, the girl who was with Oga and Baby Beel in the park was under disguise! She is actually one of the most dangerous women you will ever meet!!  Her name is Kunieda Aoi, sword master!!
 Stay tuned for the next episode tonight at 7:30 p.m. on Crunchyroll!! (a legal way to watch anime)
and Baby Beel says: "DA BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 7 its gonna be quick.

its jazu again and i f*cking shot.... i stayed up all night at a friends house watching anime and right now all i can recognize is that this episode was slow.... and honestly its all around his school life and another character is introduced.
so heres what happens this episode
  • pointless bullsh*t
  • megalo attack
  • almost a rape scene
  • deus ex machina by ayumu
  • transform into masou shojou (scary everytime)
  • our zombie accidently kisses an intervening character
  • to this character kiss means marriage
  • and then some more pointless sh*t
  • and then our love intrest is now at school with our zombie.....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty Face Review

Hello everyone, this is Shawn. Here is a review for one of my favorite mangas; Pretty Face.

The story begins with Rando, a karate expert, awakening from a year-long coma. The coma was from a bus accident which gave Rando serious burns to his face. His face was reconstructed by Dr. Manabe.

The problem is that Dr. Manabe used a photo that Rando had in his pocket of his secret love, Rina, as a reference for the reconstruction.

Rando's family assumed that he died in the accident and left their home, leaving Rando with no place to live. Eventually Rina sees Rando and recognizes him as her twin sister, Yuna, who ran away from home to become a beautician.

Rando gets to live with Rina and her family and gets to go to high school, as Yuna.

This series is funny, but it gets pretty deep by the end of the series.

Sure there is the running nosebleed joke, the beach chapter, the bath house chapter and many other perverted loveliness that I probably forgot, but when you are reading a manga about cross dressing, there is usually stuff much worse than this. But than again, it's been quite a while since I have read this series, so I would suggest reading (or watching) a less perverted cross dressing series (maybe Ouran Host Club :D ) before you consider reading this.

There are six volumes of Pretty Face, all of which are available in the US. I highly recommend this series to anyone who reads manga and enjoys nosebleed jokes, lots of nosebleed jokes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Samurai Champloo: Beatbox Samurai :D

  Hey guys!! It's Liz (crispy) here with a review on samurai champloo.  Samurai Champloo is personally my favorite samurai-based anime hands down!! It is a 26 episode animated series directed by the director of Cowboy Bebop: Shinchiro Watanabe!!! You can definitely see the awesome action style between both cowboy bebop and samurai champloo- it's easy to tell that the same director directed it :D

The plot revolves around this waitress named Fuu that is searching for a man- a samurai who smells of sunflowers.  In the beginning, her restaurant is harassed by a group of bad swordsmen- a guy in a red shirt with a sword (Mugen) comes into the restaurant and tells Fuu, the waitress, that he'll take care of those guys for her if she gives him 50 dumplings. XD
She agrees eventually, by offering 400 dumplings!! Then, Mugen kicks all their butts!  Then a samurai in a blue robe comes in (Jin) and Mugen assumes that he is a bad guy too, and fights him-
I won't spoil too much, so I'll cut to the chase- that's how they meet and they agree to help Fuu find the samurai who smells of sunflowers from a bet on a coin toss.  So, they set off on their jorney together- and this story proves that the journey is more important than the destination.
 This is Fuu, the former waitress.  She is an interesting character- a tough girl with a BIG appetite!!! Sometimes, she gains 1000 pounds!! (then burns it all off by the end of the episode)  She has a squirrel companion named Momo.
  This is Mugen, the brash samurai that acts before he thinks.  Always letting everyone know what he thinks, and he is a great character (my favorite of the series actually :D)  He fights in an unclean, sloppy, breakdancing style.  He is also known for being lecherous and womanizing. He goes by his own rules, following his own path, he doesn't go with the crowd.  He is carefree and reckless.
 This is Jin, the quiet man of few words.  He fights clean, is disciplined, serious, and hard working.  He is burdened for what he did in the past (won't spoil it for ya).  He too follows the path of the samurai-wandering the earth, until he meets Fuu and Mugen.
 I must say, the soundtrack is hip-hoppin awesome! With beatbox rap, and the opening by Nujabes, this is truly catchy and will make you wanna tap your feet!  I love the art style, and the characters really get close to you, they attach to you, and you always remember them for their originality and uniqueness.  Each individual episode has it's own unique adventure-  I love the titles for each episode, too!  I may even review certain episode in the future.  I would definitely give this anime an OVER 9000/10 !! One of my top ten anime, actually!!!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there is also a manga for Samurai Champloo! There are two volumes published total.  And it has a different story from the anime, but I would still recommend both the anime and manga to any samurai/action fan :D
This is is Liz, over and out!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

PoKeMoN Puzzle League N64 REview!!

  Hey guys! This is Liz (crispy) here with a review on Pokemon Puzzle League for the Nintendo 64 :D  This is personally my all-time favorite,addicting video game ever!!! Filled with strategizing challenges, timed battles, and plenty of puzzle league action!! And lemme tell ya, the game really makes you think FAST!
 The plot here is that Professor Oak calls Ash and Pikachu on the phone one day while they are on vacation.  Professor says that there is a puzzle league championship in a nearby city, and of course, Ash and Pikachu are willing to accept the challenge!! They head off to the nearby city to join the league and face competition head on!
  Once you get there to the one-player story mode, you battle gary, the eight indigo league gym leaders, tracy, team rocket, and the puzzle elites.  You play as Ash, and you always have a choice between each battle if you want to play with either pikachu, squirtle, or bulbasaur.  I always play with pikachu, but that's just me! There are three modes to choose from: easy, normal, or hard. Once you beat hard mode, you can then move on to very hard mode, and if you beat very hard mode, you can play the super hard mode.  I am currently on very hard mode on stage 9 against Tracy to this day, but,  I'm getting there!
 The gameplay is awesome, totally in your control, but you have to watch out that your puzzle pieces on your side don't hit the top of the screen.  If that happens, you lose.  So, the objective is to get combos and survive for as long as you can until your opponent's puzzle overflows.  This game will get you hooked! Especially if you are a pokemon fan!!
 There's also another storyline to this game at the Pokemon Puzzle Spa.  Apparently, Team Rocket disguised themselves and stole the pokemon fom the trainers, and youhave to save the pokemon by beating them in mutiple puzzle league battles!! The first stage is pretty easy, in this one, Team Rocket is disguised as Vikings.  But, as you progress, the battles get harder and harder.  There is a team rocket ballerina disguise, cop disguise, and even a wedding disguise!!!!!! XD
 This is my all-time favorite video game in the universe and numbers cannot describe what I would rate this game!! Let's just say it would raise the roof! Well, this is Liz, over and out! Gotta catch 'em all!

Dragonball Z Infinite World Video game Review yo!! :D

hey guys!! It's Liz here with a review on noneother than the best dragonball z game (in my opinion), and that is: Dragonball Z Infinite World!!
  The game practically sums up the first three budokai ps2 games (don't confuse that with the tenkaichi series)
There are over 40 characters, each with transformations, and 25 epic stages- which may seem very familiar :D There is still world tournament, and, if you go to the Warrior's Room at the Skill Shop, you can buy something awesome (won't spoil it)

There are 114 missions and 4 game modes- easy, mormal, hard, an z mode (z mode is like a very hard mode).  This game is sponsored by Bandai and Atari, and lemme tell ya, the graphics are GREAT!!
Also, there are many missions in this game that you can't do in other games, such as running on snake way (literally)!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!?  Basically, in this particular challenge, you are timed on how fast you make it across snake way- and DON'T FALL OFF!!!
  I must admit, that is very awesome ^_^  You can also do other mini-game-like challenges, like combat training, shoot-em-ups, and other timed challenges, such as finding dragon balls, or button-mashing training.
 This is another fun shoot-em-up game in which you are frieza and you literally shoot piccolo and krillin.  There is another shoot-em mini game in which you are Tien and you aim your Tri-beam at Cell.
  The story mode is awesome, filled with great missions based on the anime storyline of DragonBall Z.  The movie scenes in the game are very detailed and the art is phenomenal.  You can do pretty much all the techniques that are used in the anime, such as Kamehame ha (a classic),Spirit Bomb, Special Beam Cannon, Wolf Fang Fist, and a whole bundle of others!  The soundtrack combines the best music from the first Dragonball Z budokai game, and lemme tell ya, if they have a soundtrack for this, I am sooooooooooooo buying it :D
 I just thought that this was a cool picture of goku, so I decided to post it XD        Anyhow, I encourage any Dragonball/Z fan to buy this game!! It is a MUST-HAVE for fighters!!!  This is Liz, over and out-
KAMEHAME HA!!!!!!!!!!!! (as Goku would say)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baccano Review: Mafia, Alchemists, Immortality, and Thieves!

Hey guys! It's Liz (crispy) here with a review on none other than Baccano! itself- Baccano is an italian word for "noise", and boy, there is ALOT of noise in this anime!

 There are 16 episodes total, each about 24 minutes long.  I must admit though, you gotta stick with the show inorder to understand it, because there are flash forwards and flashbacks of what will happen/what already happened through out.  For example, the first episode might be confusing to you at first, but after you watch more episodes, it will gradually make more sense.  The directors of the show like to make you think! You have to put all the pieces together yourself, adn then you shall find the answer :D
 The characters of this show are very interesting, ranging from killers, alchemists, thieves, mafia, and immortals that regenrate after having a bunch of bullets through them.  My all-time favorite characters are Isaac and Miria, the 'thieves'!  They both together count as one character to me, because they act the same, and complete eachother- they love eachother.  I love how they always come up with great disguises XD
 Firo of the Prochainezo family is awesome too! He's immortal along with his pal, Luck Gandor.  Another fun aspect of this show is how Firo says "Hey old timer!"

I would recommend watching this anime in the english dub over the japanese dub, because the accents of the characters in english are very fun to watch!
 The setting of the series takes place on the Flying Pussyfoot, a train that is escorting the passengers aboard.  The conflict is that there is a Rail Tracer (supposedly a monster, according to some characters) that is taking hostages and causing the disappearances of others on the train.  Another mystery of the show is who the main character is, which you shall find out in the end-

The action is great, and Isaac and Miria are the comic relief- I would give this show an over 9000/10 and would recommend it to pretty much any anime fan ^ ^

Big O Review: IT'S SHOWTIME!!!

 Hey guys! It's Liz (crispy) here with a review on anime legend Big O.
Now here's the scoop: The people of Paradigm city have lost their memories due to a catastropphic event that occured 40 years ago.  Before the catastrophe, it seems that people have been making megaduses (giant robots with powers) and monsters of a sort.  As people both good and bad gradually recover their memories, new threats arise! 
 Roger Smith is the main character of this series.  He is a 'negotiator' that solves people's problems (think of it as kinda a jack of all trades).  He is rich, has a butler, and an android named Dorothy that he meets around the beginning of the series.  Roger has a giant robot named 'Big O', and uses that robot to help people and fights the bad guys.  Inside the Big O, you are judged by God if you are guilty or not guilty.  If you are guilty, the screen inside Big O will say, "Ye Guilty"; if you are not guilty however, it will say,"Cast in the name of God, ye not Guilty". (which I think is pretty cool, because Big O will only let you pilot it if you are a good guy. 
 Dorothy is a secondary character.  She is an android that fights by Roger's side.  And boy, does she kick butt! She has a flat affect, but somehow develops feelings for Roger. 
 This is Norman.  He is Roger's butler of the mansion, and has quite a few combat techniques himself!
 And this guy is one of the bad guys.  His name is Schartzwald.  He has a megaduse as well. 

I would have to say that this anime is a genuine classic!! One of my favorites I must say ^_^
I would give this show a 10/10 hands down.  The characters are great, the mecha is epic, and what more can I say? This is a great show!!
and there you have it :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beelzebub episode 6 summary!! WITCH DOCTOR!!

 hey guys! It's Liz(crispy) here with a summary on Beelzebub episode 6 ^_^
Beelzebub is about a juvenile delinquent,Oga (as seen above)who,through stange circumstances, is raising a demon baby.  The tattoo on his hand symbolizes his relationship with Baby Beel ,and the closer he gets to Baby Beel, or beats the heck outta people, the more it spreads!  

Well, in the beginning of he episode, Hilda returned from the demon world with...demon toys!! The first toy Oga and Hilda assemble is a cage like thing (Oga and Hilda assumed that it was a toy cage, but in reality , it was a magical monster cage!!! NEXT THING YOU KNOW, THEY GOT TRAPPED IN IT!!!!
  They were trying to get Baby Beel to understand them to help them out, but Baby Beel couldn't hear them through the cage's barrier.  So, Oga called upon Baby Beel's' power to break through the cage and proved that he could summon Baby Beel's power even when he and Baby Beel are separated.  With Baby Beel's power, Oga destroyed the cage entirely and he and Hilda are now free!

Oga brought Baby Beel's toys to school so that Baby Beel wouldn't get bored.  On the school roof, Baby Beel brought out the doctor toy kit and opened it! And, all of a sudden, Baby Beel transformed into a doctor's outfit and Oga and his friend, Furuichi transformed into nurses' outfits XD
  The only way that they can turn back to normal is if they heal an ill patient.  They tried various experiments with the tools, one of which is a mask for your butt !!! XD
Some other dilinquents heard rumors going around the school that Oga was taking over the nurse's office, so, they headed down to the nurse's office to see if the rumor was true.  While there, the other delinquents got caught in yet another explosion (which is very common in this particular anime :D).  And it wasn't until the end that Oga discovered that the doctor headband that Baby Beel was wearing could heal patients by simply pressing the button on the device.  So, Oga and Baby Beel heal the patients with Baby Beel's device and they all transform back to normal out of nurse-form!
  And thats the episode in a nutshell :D  It seems that, at this rate, Oga will be forever stuck with Baby Beel- This was personally my favorite episode so far, and I can't wait to see the rest!  Well, stay tuned for the next episode on this coming saturday!

 "DA-BOO!!" (quoted by Baby Beel) which I still have no idea what that means XD 

Monday, February 14, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 6 what is this i dont even.....

alright its jazu again and he is back with some moar kore wa zombie desu ka?
hell yeah due to my friend dying on saturday i was unable to type yesterday but its all good now.
so here is another review of kore wa zombie desu ka?
if you remember correctly last episode kyoko revealed that she was the serial killer and she attempted to kill ayumu again...... WHEN WILL YOU LEARN B*TCH???? HES A ZOMBIE HE DOESNT DIE!!!!! but any way there was an epic fight scene but it was all a trap to bring out Yuu..... ohhhhh scary. AND THIS IS WHERE SH*T GETS DISTURBING!!!
Kyoko thinks she's all badass and she attacks Yuu with 400% now the skin on her arms are gone and she is dying.... but not to worry... she has taken the lives of the people she killed as the serial killer. so she has ten lives. ( just like mario after playing the bonus game a couple good times) so what does Yuu do?? well first off the attacks didnt even faze her.... she was like god wasnt sh*t touching that.... so she utters one word one simple word and the audio was left out for a reason..... the word "die". and kyoko dies. this is mearly to show you the true power of Yuu all of this was built to this moment to show you that she is the strongest force of magic in the series. we now have established the power house of the series pop a bottle!!!!

even after being "killed" by Yuu kyoko gets up and decides it aint over..... but just like mario you run out of lives Yuu keeps telling her to die..... and this is emotionally killing Yuu. and right before Yuu can say die Kyoko ruptures her eardrums.... now not being able to hear the magic it wont affect her. so she latches on to Yuu and blows herself up. this ends up knocking Yuu unconcious... and naked! so any way the rest of the group decides that after being so F*cked up the b*tch cant be that tough! WRONG! they get thier asses kicked and are forced to resort to the masou shojou thing. and yes he looks like a chick every time! its really disturbing. but he fights her until she starts getting low on lives and kills her for real so she'll never come back and with the chainsaw at that it was really disturbing but nessecary.
so he falcon punches her to finish it off on her final life and boy was it epic. so theres a long moment of silence when she's dead and then they rush to save Yuu who was mearly unconcious. and then the emotional dialouge. then dai sensei shows up and is all like "look motherf*cker dont kill mah students..." (not actual dialouge) but then who comes back but Kyoko..... what a f*cking suprise!!! but its not her its the king of darkness or some sh*t. and he has a message for hellscythe. after that life returns to normal....
AND IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 5! he gets as far as tofu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey yall!!! its jazu with everyones favorite zombie anime!!!! well at least comedy zombie anime! im not gonna lie i like HOTD!!! but any way lets get it on!!

and once again the episode opens with some yuri sh*t.... why does this happen to me... but its not what you think it is. seeing as how our ninja friend is a vampire she needs blood so who does she choose??? the loli...
and lolicons rejoice it was sexy.....
then alot of pointles and confusing sh*t happens...and oh yeah FANSERVICE!!!!!

then ayumu recieves a call from dai sensei only to find out that haruna is a complete idiot. turns ou that the artifact dai sensei was looking for was tofu.... not fear but tofu...... THOSE TWO DONT EVEN SOUND ALIKE!!!!!!! but any way after that he recieves a call from kyoko the girl from t3h hospital..... wait that b*tch is dead how does that work?????
so you dont realize that this is trap??? silly zombie... but anywho they sit and talk for a good second and he even gets as far as tofu!!! but then the shocking truth is revealed.....
so this is like the sixth time weve seen this bastard get stabbed but no one realizes that he's a zombie and cant die. then comes the awesome fight scene!!!1!
the episode ends with Yuu walking onto the battle field....
IM OUT!!!!1!!

PoKe'Mon Manga: The Electric Tale of Pikachu Review!!

Hey guys!! It's Liz (cirspy) here with a review on Poke'MoN the manga: The Electric Tale of pikachu!! :D
There are four comics total in the U.S. as far as I know, and boy, are they funny!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
The manga has somewhat of a different story telling than the anime.  In the manga, Ash finds pikachu in the wall of his house going through wires (since Pikachu is an electric mouse and all) and he gets rubber gloves so he won't get shocked.  Pikachu eventually becomes his companion and they set out on their journey, as very pokemon trainer does. 
 Brock and Misty even join Ash in his quest.  And  yes, Pikachu also toasts Misty's bike XD
Professor Oak eating Ramen, Gary and Sabrina are in the first four comics as well- IT IS VERY FAST-PACED, which I prefer things fast paced because it moves along quicker. 
The comedy is nonetheless GREAT!!! I really enjoy the characters' expressions and the art style as well!
I would recommend this to any pokemon fan :D
 There's also a Star Trek reference, as you can see on Pikachu's chest ( the image above is reade LEFT to right)
Well, I would give this manga an OVER 9000 out of 10!! and there you have it! This is Liz, over and out-

Bleach Review: Helping Lost Souls Find Peace!! :D

  Hey Guys!! It's Liz (crispy) here with another review up my sleeve!! ^ ^       Today I'm gonna review Bleach!                             
Bleach is about a fifteen year old boy named Ichigo Kurosaki (the guy in the image above), whom has the ability to see ghosts.  He's a typical tough guy with a tough looking face, but, despite that, he has a kind heart and is actually a great student.  He cares deeply for his friends, and one day, there is a monster attacking his town, Karakura, and he sees a girl in a black robe attack and slay the monster.
 That girl's name is Rukia, and she ends up in Ichigo's house later, because she senses spiritual pressure in his house.  Thinking that Rukia is a burgler, Ichigo kicks her in the butt and she explains what that monster was.  Apparently, the spiritual monster was a 'Hollow', and a lost soul that wanders the earth and fills its grief by feeding on humans.  Also, she didn't slay the monster- she cleansed it of its sin and most likely sent it to soul society if it was a good soul.  If it was a bad spirit, her sword (zanpakuto) sends it to hell, where it would belong.  Rukia explains that she is a Soul Reaper, sent from Soul Society.  Soul reapers help protect lost souls and help them find peace.  At this rate, Ichigo is confused, so Rukia shows him a pathetic drawing to explain it simpler!
 Ichigo then tells her that her drawings suck and she gives him a mushtache! XD

Next, Rukia senses spiritual pressure, and a hollow attacks Ichigo's family.  Rukia fights the hollow and is taken down. Injured and beat, Rukia asks Ichigo, "Do you want to save your family?" and Ichigo says, "Of course."  Rukia then offers Ichigo to give him her powers by striking her sword through his heart.  He agreees, and she strikes the sword through his heart! Awakened, Ichigo is now a Substitute Soul Reaper and devotes his powers to helping lost souls find peace!
 My favorite episode is episode 10, the BWAHAHAHA EPISODE!!!! but, I shall not spoil it for you :D

Over all, this is personally one of my favorite anime for the great action, fights scenes are EPIC, and the comedy is GREAT! It really delves deep into the characters past, and you can relate to them-the characters really grow on you.  I would recommend this to any action fan of anime. :D
-The manga is more fast paced, if you prefer the manga, but the anime is good too despite the fillers.  It just depends if you're a filler person or not-
I would give this show an OVER 9000/10!!!
 This is Liz over and out! BWAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!!