Sunday, February 20, 2011

Samurai Champloo: Beatbox Samurai :D

  Hey guys!! It's Liz (crispy) here with a review on samurai champloo.  Samurai Champloo is personally my favorite samurai-based anime hands down!! It is a 26 episode animated series directed by the director of Cowboy Bebop: Shinchiro Watanabe!!! You can definitely see the awesome action style between both cowboy bebop and samurai champloo- it's easy to tell that the same director directed it :D

The plot revolves around this waitress named Fuu that is searching for a man- a samurai who smells of sunflowers.  In the beginning, her restaurant is harassed by a group of bad swordsmen- a guy in a red shirt with a sword (Mugen) comes into the restaurant and tells Fuu, the waitress, that he'll take care of those guys for her if she gives him 50 dumplings. XD
She agrees eventually, by offering 400 dumplings!! Then, Mugen kicks all their butts!  Then a samurai in a blue robe comes in (Jin) and Mugen assumes that he is a bad guy too, and fights him-
I won't spoil too much, so I'll cut to the chase- that's how they meet and they agree to help Fuu find the samurai who smells of sunflowers from a bet on a coin toss.  So, they set off on their jorney together- and this story proves that the journey is more important than the destination.
 This is Fuu, the former waitress.  She is an interesting character- a tough girl with a BIG appetite!!! Sometimes, she gains 1000 pounds!! (then burns it all off by the end of the episode)  She has a squirrel companion named Momo.
  This is Mugen, the brash samurai that acts before he thinks.  Always letting everyone know what he thinks, and he is a great character (my favorite of the series actually :D)  He fights in an unclean, sloppy, breakdancing style.  He is also known for being lecherous and womanizing. He goes by his own rules, following his own path, he doesn't go with the crowd.  He is carefree and reckless.
 This is Jin, the quiet man of few words.  He fights clean, is disciplined, serious, and hard working.  He is burdened for what he did in the past (won't spoil it for ya).  He too follows the path of the samurai-wandering the earth, until he meets Fuu and Mugen.
 I must say, the soundtrack is hip-hoppin awesome! With beatbox rap, and the opening by Nujabes, this is truly catchy and will make you wanna tap your feet!  I love the art style, and the characters really get close to you, they attach to you, and you always remember them for their originality and uniqueness.  Each individual episode has it's own unique adventure-  I love the titles for each episode, too!  I may even review certain episode in the future.  I would definitely give this anime an OVER 9000/10 !! One of my top ten anime, actually!!!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there is also a manga for Samurai Champloo! There are two volumes published total.  And it has a different story from the anime, but I would still recommend both the anime and manga to any samurai/action fan :D
This is is Liz, over and out!

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