Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty Face Review

Hello everyone, this is Shawn. Here is a review for one of my favorite mangas; Pretty Face.

The story begins with Rando, a karate expert, awakening from a year-long coma. The coma was from a bus accident which gave Rando serious burns to his face. His face was reconstructed by Dr. Manabe.

The problem is that Dr. Manabe used a photo that Rando had in his pocket of his secret love, Rina, as a reference for the reconstruction.

Rando's family assumed that he died in the accident and left their home, leaving Rando with no place to live. Eventually Rina sees Rando and recognizes him as her twin sister, Yuna, who ran away from home to become a beautician.

Rando gets to live with Rina and her family and gets to go to high school, as Yuna.

This series is funny, but it gets pretty deep by the end of the series.

Sure there is the running nosebleed joke, the beach chapter, the bath house chapter and many other perverted loveliness that I probably forgot, but when you are reading a manga about cross dressing, there is usually stuff much worse than this. But than again, it's been quite a while since I have read this series, so I would suggest reading (or watching) a less perverted cross dressing series (maybe Ouran Host Club :D ) before you consider reading this.

There are six volumes of Pretty Face, all of which are available in the US. I highly recommend this series to anyone who reads manga and enjoys nosebleed jokes, lots of nosebleed jokes.

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