Sunday, February 6, 2011

Omamori Himari and Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

And it's Dan, it's been awhile since my last post and I figured I should write something. Unfortunately I've turned into a grind zombie playing Disgaea religiously for awhile now. Anyways since it's been forever... I don't know...

As for anime and manga, I've recently been addicted to a couple series. The first one is Omamori Himari. This is a fantastic series full of everything that could possibly ever need to go into a great ecchi comedy/action manga/anime. The main character, Yuto Amakawa, is a sicteen year old with no parents and virtually no memory of his past but on the day of his sixteenth birthday everything changes when he is attacked at school by a demon possessing the body of one of his friends. Sure his life is in danager, but on the other hand, another new arrival is the sexy cat demon Himari who is boung by a pact to the Amakawa clan to protect and serve Yuto. Ok so now Yuto has a cat demon for his own personnel guardian but there is one problem: Yuto is allergic to cats. Hillarity ensures as Yuto tries to struggle with maintaining the sanctity of his everyday life while a flux of demons appear and attempt to destroy him.

The whole series is great, with a lot of comedic relief but still a amazing story that keeps you wanting for more. The anime is relatively short and compared to some others, so is the manga but it's definately worthe reading or watching.  

Another series I've been following is Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls. the main character of this series is Muneakira Yagyu. When a girl mysteriously falls from the sky into his arms and kisses him it is revealed that he has the power to create master samurai. This girl, Jubei Yagyu, is a mysterious entity with enormous power. She can be compared to Lucy from Elefen Lied because in her normal form she has no memories of her past and is generally a very innocent girl. However when she kisses Muneakira she turns into a deadly fighting machine.

The series is incredibly funny and full of awesome fight scenes. Somehow, Muneakira is surrounded by girls, including his childhood friend Sen Tokugawa, a student named Yukimura Sanada and her guardian Matabei Goto as well as more as the series progresses. The anime has a pretty interesting art style that I found to become pretty cool as I watched more of it

Sorry these might seem a little short or insignifigant but considering the whole series of both can be found I'm not doing an episode by episode review and I can't add much without revealing major plot details that could ruin the entire series for people.

Edit: I forgot to add on that a potentially new series for Kampfer has been announced in March. Hopefully they will make a new season but from what I've heard it's oly a couple episodes.

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