Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beelzebub episode 7 Summary : First Park Debut!

 Hey guys!! It's Liz (crispy) again with a review not literally up my sleeve!! :D  Today I'm gonna be reviewing Beelzebub episode 7.  Just for the scoop incase you never saw Beelzebub before, it is about a juvinile delinquent, who, through strange circumstances, is raising a baby! A DEMON BABY(the son of the demon lord, actually)   In the beginning of this episode, it shows Kanzaki and Himekawa, two delinquents that Oga beat up in previous episodes, lying in two hospital beds.  They hope that Oga gets back what he did to them.  And boy, they sure got beat!
 Meanwhile, at Oga's house, his family encourages he and Hilda (the maid from the underworld that serves Baby Beel) to go on a park debut so that they can socialize and meet other parents inorder to make a good impression on the neighborhood.  So, Oga ends up going with Baby Beel on his first Park Debut! O.O

Before making an appearance, Oga is training by literally throwing Baby Beel like a football and catching him!!!  He throws Baby Beel atleast 500 feet or so XD
  And this is Baby Beel's reaction to Oga throwing him like a football..................................................................................................
   When Oga sees mothers with their children, he smiles at them with an unintentional evil look.  Terrified, the women and babies run away!! XD  Even Baby Beel had an evil look on his face!!

Next thing you know, a cop shows up and attempts to arrest Oga for child abuse, because he lets Baby Beel go around naked.  Then, Oga fights the cop!
 (that's gonna hurt in the morning)
After that, the cop blasts off with a ding, and there is quite a twist at the end of the episode!!
 Supposedly, the girl who was with Oga and Baby Beel in the park was under disguise! She is actually one of the most dangerous women you will ever meet!!  Her name is Kunieda Aoi, sword master!!
 Stay tuned for the next episode tonight at 7:30 p.m. on Crunchyroll!! (a legal way to watch anime)
and Baby Beel says: "DA BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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