Saturday, February 12, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 5! he gets as far as tofu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey yall!!! its jazu with everyones favorite zombie anime!!!! well at least comedy zombie anime! im not gonna lie i like HOTD!!! but any way lets get it on!!

and once again the episode opens with some yuri sh*t.... why does this happen to me... but its not what you think it is. seeing as how our ninja friend is a vampire she needs blood so who does she choose??? the loli...
and lolicons rejoice it was sexy.....
then alot of pointles and confusing sh*t happens...and oh yeah FANSERVICE!!!!!

then ayumu recieves a call from dai sensei only to find out that haruna is a complete idiot. turns ou that the artifact dai sensei was looking for was tofu.... not fear but tofu...... THOSE TWO DONT EVEN SOUND ALIKE!!!!!!! but any way after that he recieves a call from kyoko the girl from t3h hospital..... wait that b*tch is dead how does that work?????
so you dont realize that this is trap??? silly zombie... but anywho they sit and talk for a good second and he even gets as far as tofu!!! but then the shocking truth is revealed.....
so this is like the sixth time weve seen this bastard get stabbed but no one realizes that he's a zombie and cant die. then comes the awesome fight scene!!!1!
the episode ends with Yuu walking onto the battle field....
IM OUT!!!!1!!

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