Saturday, February 19, 2011

PoKeMoN Puzzle League N64 REview!!

  Hey guys! This is Liz (crispy) here with a review on Pokemon Puzzle League for the Nintendo 64 :D  This is personally my all-time favorite,addicting video game ever!!! Filled with strategizing challenges, timed battles, and plenty of puzzle league action!! And lemme tell ya, the game really makes you think FAST!
 The plot here is that Professor Oak calls Ash and Pikachu on the phone one day while they are on vacation.  Professor says that there is a puzzle league championship in a nearby city, and of course, Ash and Pikachu are willing to accept the challenge!! They head off to the nearby city to join the league and face competition head on!
  Once you get there to the one-player story mode, you battle gary, the eight indigo league gym leaders, tracy, team rocket, and the puzzle elites.  You play as Ash, and you always have a choice between each battle if you want to play with either pikachu, squirtle, or bulbasaur.  I always play with pikachu, but that's just me! There are three modes to choose from: easy, normal, or hard. Once you beat hard mode, you can then move on to very hard mode, and if you beat very hard mode, you can play the super hard mode.  I am currently on very hard mode on stage 9 against Tracy to this day, but,  I'm getting there!
 The gameplay is awesome, totally in your control, but you have to watch out that your puzzle pieces on your side don't hit the top of the screen.  If that happens, you lose.  So, the objective is to get combos and survive for as long as you can until your opponent's puzzle overflows.  This game will get you hooked! Especially if you are a pokemon fan!!
 There's also another storyline to this game at the Pokemon Puzzle Spa.  Apparently, Team Rocket disguised themselves and stole the pokemon fom the trainers, and youhave to save the pokemon by beating them in mutiple puzzle league battles!! The first stage is pretty easy, in this one, Team Rocket is disguised as Vikings.  But, as you progress, the battles get harder and harder.  There is a team rocket ballerina disguise, cop disguise, and even a wedding disguise!!!!!! XD
 This is my all-time favorite video game in the universe and numbers cannot describe what I would rate this game!! Let's just say it would raise the roof! Well, this is Liz, over and out! Gotta catch 'em all!

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