Monday, February 14, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 6 what is this i dont even.....

alright its jazu again and he is back with some moar kore wa zombie desu ka?
hell yeah due to my friend dying on saturday i was unable to type yesterday but its all good now.
so here is another review of kore wa zombie desu ka?
if you remember correctly last episode kyoko revealed that she was the serial killer and she attempted to kill ayumu again...... WHEN WILL YOU LEARN B*TCH???? HES A ZOMBIE HE DOESNT DIE!!!!! but any way there was an epic fight scene but it was all a trap to bring out Yuu..... ohhhhh scary. AND THIS IS WHERE SH*T GETS DISTURBING!!!
Kyoko thinks she's all badass and she attacks Yuu with 400% now the skin on her arms are gone and she is dying.... but not to worry... she has taken the lives of the people she killed as the serial killer. so she has ten lives. ( just like mario after playing the bonus game a couple good times) so what does Yuu do?? well first off the attacks didnt even faze her.... she was like god wasnt sh*t touching that.... so she utters one word one simple word and the audio was left out for a reason..... the word "die". and kyoko dies. this is mearly to show you the true power of Yuu all of this was built to this moment to show you that she is the strongest force of magic in the series. we now have established the power house of the series pop a bottle!!!!

even after being "killed" by Yuu kyoko gets up and decides it aint over..... but just like mario you run out of lives Yuu keeps telling her to die..... and this is emotionally killing Yuu. and right before Yuu can say die Kyoko ruptures her eardrums.... now not being able to hear the magic it wont affect her. so she latches on to Yuu and blows herself up. this ends up knocking Yuu unconcious... and naked! so any way the rest of the group decides that after being so F*cked up the b*tch cant be that tough! WRONG! they get thier asses kicked and are forced to resort to the masou shojou thing. and yes he looks like a chick every time! its really disturbing. but he fights her until she starts getting low on lives and kills her for real so she'll never come back and with the chainsaw at that it was really disturbing but nessecary.
so he falcon punches her to finish it off on her final life and boy was it epic. so theres a long moment of silence when she's dead and then they rush to save Yuu who was mearly unconcious. and then the emotional dialouge. then dai sensei shows up and is all like "look motherf*cker dont kill mah students..." (not actual dialouge) but then who comes back but Kyoko..... what a f*cking suprise!!! but its not her its the king of darkness or some sh*t. and he has a message for hellscythe. after that life returns to normal....
AND IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

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