Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beelzebub episode 6 summary!! WITCH DOCTOR!!

 hey guys! It's Liz(crispy) here with a summary on Beelzebub episode 6 ^_^
Beelzebub is about a juvenile delinquent,Oga (as seen above)who,through stange circumstances, is raising a demon baby.  The tattoo on his hand symbolizes his relationship with Baby Beel ,and the closer he gets to Baby Beel, or beats the heck outta people, the more it spreads!  

Well, in the beginning of he episode, Hilda returned from the demon world with...demon toys!! The first toy Oga and Hilda assemble is a cage like thing (Oga and Hilda assumed that it was a toy cage, but in reality , it was a magical monster cage!!! NEXT THING YOU KNOW, THEY GOT TRAPPED IN IT!!!!
  They were trying to get Baby Beel to understand them to help them out, but Baby Beel couldn't hear them through the cage's barrier.  So, Oga called upon Baby Beel's' power to break through the cage and proved that he could summon Baby Beel's power even when he and Baby Beel are separated.  With Baby Beel's power, Oga destroyed the cage entirely and he and Hilda are now free!

Oga brought Baby Beel's toys to school so that Baby Beel wouldn't get bored.  On the school roof, Baby Beel brought out the doctor toy kit and opened it! And, all of a sudden, Baby Beel transformed into a doctor's outfit and Oga and his friend, Furuichi transformed into nurses' outfits XD
  The only way that they can turn back to normal is if they heal an ill patient.  They tried various experiments with the tools, one of which is a mask for your butt !!! XD
Some other dilinquents heard rumors going around the school that Oga was taking over the nurse's office, so, they headed down to the nurse's office to see if the rumor was true.  While there, the other delinquents got caught in yet another explosion (which is very common in this particular anime :D).  And it wasn't until the end that Oga discovered that the doctor headband that Baby Beel was wearing could heal patients by simply pressing the button on the device.  So, Oga and Baby Beel heal the patients with Baby Beel's device and they all transform back to normal out of nurse-form!
  And thats the episode in a nutshell :D  It seems that, at this rate, Oga will be forever stuck with Baby Beel- This was personally my favorite episode so far, and I can't wait to see the rest!  Well, stay tuned for the next episode on this coming saturday!

 "DA-BOO!!" (quoted by Baby Beel) which I still have no idea what that means XD 

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