Sunday, March 6, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 8 x-ray glasses...

im rockin out on some more kore wa zombie desu ka..... and its still amazing but so far this episode has been nothing but filler. im kind of upset. not much of importance happens....
so our main character starts off the episode with  pair of x ray glasses. (every kids wet dream) but they apparantly belong to seraphim...... lolololol.
but any way ecchi aside not much happens till later. so this episode focuses on Yukki and her obbsession with our zombie.
and for reasons that make alot of sense..... at this point i was like all lolololololin in mah chair while filler was being played through my computer.
and then some other meaingless sh*t happens. and then we have the whole trip to victoriassecret thing. the groupdecides that they want knew clothes so they head to a lingerie store for teh ladies.and secksee time was there. and aikawa was all like lookin and he recieved a nice gift...
SHURIKENS IN THE EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then a bunch of other pointless sh*t happens and then the love rival is produced. haruna is really jeleous of Yukki because she kissed aikawa and haruna didnt. so she has a little confrontation with aikawa.
and it ends up with haruna beating the hell out of aikawa. but then while they are gone  some creepy @$$ guy shows up and engages yuu in converstion. but when they go back they all realize yuu is gone.

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