Monday, January 10, 2011

beezlebub epsisode 1 a time for awesome

alright... you can f*cking guess who it is cuz everyone else is lazy as sh*t. yes.... jazu...

so just as i had stated in a previous post here is youre review of beezlebub!!!!! and i like this anime already!! it reminds me so much of airgear for some reason! i effin love this!!!! the only thing i found strange was the copius amounts of baby wang.... *shudders* the animation of this and the story telling make for one bitching anime and im loving it!!! alright so we should disscus the anime!!!!
our hero in this series is a young man or should i say delinquent by the name of Oga!!! and yes he is a bad ass who dominates a school of nothing but delinquents!!!! one bonafide gangsta.... never again...... but any way the opening sequence is him fighting some bald dude and then the baby starts crying and eletricutes everything!!! then later on we find out the baby is from the depths of hell..... oh lawd....

and on top of that they finaly realize that when ever the baby cries there is a following explosion. yes a literal explosion.
so they finally make it to his homies house and then Hilda shows up... Hilda is the demon babies maid... she comes to reposes the baby for the demon lord. but it seems he is far to attached to Oga. Oga is now apperantly chosen the be the demonlords father yay for adoption!!!!!!
after refusing Hilda she goes ape sh*t and tries to kill Oga and his homie whos name i cannot remember for my life. she chases them down to a river after having Oga kick the sh*t out of her demon bird thing!!!! (this is one f*cked up story)
after beezlebub sees his father get hurt by this psycho of a maid he throws this terrifying fit that sho nuff would have killed everyone in the neighborhood if it wasnt for Oga calming him down. after the fit the integrity of the steel beams they were under was reduced. the beam breaks and Oga preforms the stereo typical hero move. but with a super sayen twist. after this he faints and wakes up at home to Hilda and Beezlebub...... oh lord it aint over!!!! PEACE!!!

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