Saturday, January 22, 2011

LOGAAAAN!!!!!! Wolverine Episode 2 Review.

I guess I have waited long enough to review this episode. The only valid excuse I have is that I have spend the last week watching the crap out of Ouran High School Host Club (which I will soon finish and write a tribute for sometime next week).

The episode begins with Logan fighting the same guy from the end of the first episode (Shingen) and he eventually passes out due to a tranquilizer dart shot into his back. Eventually, Logan's body is conveniently placed on a railroad (I wonder how that happened?) and a myserious figure saves him from getting his ass run over by a train.
Logan and the unnamed savior are chased down by both the police and the Yakuza and a new character is introduced and there is a battle that will definetly happen between the two in the next episode.

This series is very good at having a good to okay plot during the episodes, but, so far the cliff hangers they end with trigger the eight year old inside of me who wants to see two dudes beat the crap out of each other, but they have to end up waiting one, painful week to be able to watch it.
I think that this show may be a little shallow for some, but I think that for the kind of audience that this anime is directed towards, it is not a bad thing. There is some story, but this is an action anime. At this point, knowing that there are only 12 episodes in the series, the story could either become slightly deeper or much, much shallower.

Overall, this anime is like Peeps, they are fun but there is no substance to it... well besides the sugar and food coloring.
I still think that this is a series that is worth watching. I will have the review of Episode 3 up as soon as I can.

-Kabbage Kritter

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