Monday, January 31, 2011

MONSTER Review: The Darkness Inside US ALL

 Hey guys! It's Liz here and now I'm gonna review Monster.  Monster is what I would call a psychological thriller masterpiece.  It delves deep into the psychology and sociology of the human mind.  It starts off with a doctor named Tenma, as seen up above.  He is a doctor that genuinely believes that all lives are equal.  And one day, when a little boy with a head injury is sent to the emergency room, right before he begins surgery on the boy, he is told by his boss to do surgery on the mayor instead. Tenma refuses to do so, because the boy was his first patient and he believes that all lives are equal.  As a result, he lost his position,his fiancee, and the support he once has as a doctor, because hospital politics turned against him for his actions.  But honestly, if I were in Tenma's shoes, I would have done the same thing and save the boy, because the boy was sent in before the mayor was.
 The boy whom Tenma saved was named Johan Liebert.  He was a twin to his sister, who was also in the hospital from the trauma.  Soon after, the director of the hospital and Tenma's colleagues were murdered.  Tenma, ofcourse, is the suspect (but he really didn't do it) and is blamed for the deaths.  Tenma however, believes that the boy he saved, Johan, caused the murders; and you will soon find out that this boy is more than what he seems to be.  So, having cleared his name, Tenma is now a fugitive on the run and is tying to find the answers to the hospital murders to prove his innocence. 
   (to the left is an older Johan) Years later, Tenma encounters Johan again, and Johan sends Tenma cryptic messages in German,like: "Help me! Help me! The monster inside me is growing bigger and bigger!! Look at me! Look at me!" and murders more innocent people because he wants poeple to feel the same pain that he did.  Tenma tries to save Johan, but his efforts are in vain.  Johan's twin sister, Nina, is also after Johan, because she wants to stop him and his crimes.
  Along Tenma's journey to find out about the twin's past, he encounters a man named Grimmer.  Grimmer repressed his memories from his horrible childhood at 511 Kinderheim.  511 Kinderheim was an orphanage during the early 1900s that did experiemnts on children, taught communism, and how to be spies.  They didn't teach people kindness or emotions, as Grimmer said: "The hardest thing to learn was learning how to smile."  The only thing that Grimmer remembers from his childhood at 511 was watching a TV show called: The Magnificent Steiner.
  The Magnificent Steiner was about a weakling of a man whom whenever was in trouble, had a special friend come and save him.  Little did he know that that special friend was HIMSELF.  The weakling would wake up to find his enemies groveling at his feet.  This symbolizes what a split personality is like and how it affected Grimmer.  The characters of this show are awesome and it really devles deep into the human mind and the monster inside of us all.  I would give this show a 10/10 and  would recommend it to any action/suspense/horror fan.  After all, this series was created by 'Japan's master of suspense'.  There is 74 episodes total, and it had previously run on syfy- i would recommend the manga more thn the anime though, because the manga is more fast-paced if you prefer it faster. 
well, there you have it!

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