Monday, January 24, 2011

beezlebub episode 3 oh lawd

alright its jazu...
i was really f*cking confused about this because after episode 2 dropped the ova dropped and to me that means that the series is over but im just retarded so as promised heres episode 3!

i love this series. it delivers funny with action and everything else. this reminds me so much of airgear which was the best series ever!!1! the only thing i have to say that i dislike is the way they introduce the episodes. it always starts "once upon a time in a faraway land..." what the hell is this star wars? but any way its great!

ok!! lets get this show on the road!! so the episode starts with hilda explaining the importance of feeding beezle five times a day. and this led to oga making 2 breast jokes and having stilletos jammed in the side of his head. after that he gets half way down the street and beel is hungry. he gets feed and they go to school. then this happens.
so what do ya do? feed the little bastard again!!!! but he lost the milk..... so lets buy yogurt! so Oga buys yogurt but pisses off a bunch of third years working for kanzaki... ok lets get this straight. kanzaki is this third year bad ass who is not to be trifled with. he has a kick that equals the power of a magnum... damn thats tuff. but anyway oga figures that if what they say is true he should be able to ditch beezle with kanzaki!
but it ends up that kanzaki wasnt the one.... so what does oga do? throws his dumb @$$ out the window. and thats the last we heard from kanzaki. so it ends up that Oga wasnt able to succesfully dump beezle and the story continues!


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