Monday, January 31, 2011

CENCOROLL: Transforming Aliens and Giant Pudding!

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anyhow, here is an anime review on one of the shortest anime out there: CENCOROLL.
Cencoroll is a 30 minute long anime ( however the producers of the show are comin out with a second Cencoroll soon).  This show is basically about transforming monsters that get involved in three highschoolers' lives, the military and is also about GIANT PUDDING. 
Well, first off, the show starts out with an alien that comes to earth through a different dimension.  Next thing you know, a high school girl sees a high school boy walking out with his bike.  Then all of a sudden, she noices an eyeball pop out on the bike seat so she pokes the eyeball and the bike transforms into a blob-like white creature.  Apparently, the creature is the boy's companion.  The creature can transform into pretty much anything whether it be giant scissors, giant pudding, a panda, a bike, or even a car!!! ( a car that can drive itself) .  This show kinda reminds me of transformers taken to a whole new level. Now here's the conflict: another highschool kid has an alien like Cenco ( the name that the girl came up with for the boy's transforming creature), and Cenco and the other creature have this epic battle.  The battle causes such a ruckus that the military battles against the creatures and brings in tanks, fighter jets, you name it!  I must admit though, the animators of this show fit ALOT of stuff into this feature in only 30 minutes!!
 The animation quality is GREAT, the fights are EPIC and nonetheless fast paced.  The only bummer about this show is that it's not long enough as you would want it to be, but I guess that's qhy the animators are making a second Cencoroll. ^  ^
I would HIGHLY recommend this to ANY ANIME FAN. I would easily give this anime a 10/10 for the GIANT PUDDING!!! I mean, come on, giant pudding ? THATS AWESOME!!!!!!

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