Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beelzebub episode 4 Review!! hot off the press yo! (not literally)

 Beelzebub episode 4 was nonetheless hilarious!! Oga ( the juvinile delinquent, who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby- A DEMON BABY- in fact, baby of the Great Demon Lord!!)
  As you can see in the beginning of the episode, Oga is dreaming of floating in an ocean.....but little does he know that that ocean he is floating in is Baby Beel's pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oga wakes up to find his whole room flooded with Baby Beel's pee, so Oga opens a window and lets the pee flood the street- he worries though that the world will end from being flooded by Baby Beel!

Mean while, Oga looks for a solution to the peeing problem, and happens to see a commercial on TV aout Daipies, with apparently can hold soakage for up to ten hours. So, before he goes to the store to get the Daipies, Hilda ( Baby Beel's "mother", a demon maid, rather) suggests a device Baby Beel can wear called 'pee be gone'. 'Pee be gone' is a demon diaper thing that transports Baby Beel's pee to a different dimension.

  So, Oga and Baby Beel head to a drug store to get the Diapies!
And, next thing you know, there happens to be an armed robbery at the store that Oga is at while he and Baby Beel get the Diapies. Of course, Oga sees that these robbers are 'evil', and tries to give Baby Beel to them, but he later sees that they are not worth parenting him...
So, after Oga kicks the robbers' butts, he, Hilda, and Baby Beel fly off to the ocean so Baby Beel can pee in it-

 Well, it appears that np matter how hard Oga tries, he just can't get rid of Baby Beel!

This is personally one of the best anime I have seen with great comedy, and action! Not to mention, I always get a kick outta Baby Beel's voice-
I would say this anime has an awesome plot, intweresting characters, and is headed in the right direction! Stay tuned for the new episode next Satuday!!  "DA BOO" (as Baby Beel would say) :D

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