Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now and Then Here and There: War Through the Eyes of a Child

 Now and Then Here and There is an all-time favorite anime of mine :D
The main character's name is Shu.  He is a typical Japanese boy with a positive attitude, and has an incredible sense of determination.  He always looks for the best in everything, and never gives up. He is a really inspiring character- in fact, my favorite male anime character ever!!

The story's setting begins in modern-day Japan, Shu is doing kendo with his buddies, and loses the match. Determined though, he is still positive that someday he will win! On his way home, he looks up at the sunset by the smokestacks, which he used to climb up when he was little. Up there, he sees a girl watching the sunset on those smokestacks.
The girl's name is Lala Ru (yes, I know, it's a  funny name- but believe it or not, this is a serious anime- and the watch is REALLY WORTH IT)
apparently, some bad guys are after her from another world and when they come to earth, Shu gets all dragged in this mess.  Next thing you know, Shu is transported to the desert world that Lala Ru came from and he vows to save her.  In this world, Shu soon discovers what war is REALLY like: genocide, child exploitation, rape, and torture. Whether he can hold up his values remains to be seen.  This series sticks with us because it's so hauntingly real.

There aren't enough words to describe how awesome this anime is!!! IT IS SO UNDERAPPRECIATED, but I GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I SURE DID!!!!!!!!!!!
i give this show an OVER 9000/10!!
 This show teaches us a lesson on how to appreciate the small things in life. Such as the sunrise - it symbolizes a new beginning and a new hope. And no matter how hard a time you are going through, there is still good yet to come.

and there you have it!

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