Sunday, January 30, 2011

a new member and kore wa zombie desu ka?

hey every one its jazu!!!! but first i have an important announcement!!!! i gotta give it up for LIZ!!! she is a new member of our blog and is blowing it up with spost of awesome i have never seen a better writer othe than shawn! Liz if you see this i want you to know that you are awesome and our blog has exploded since you joined!!!!! THANK YOU OH SO MUCH!!!!!

but any way i will give a quick overview of an anime series i will start reviewing when the next episode drops!!! i love this f*ckin anime... kore wa zombie desu ka? is amazing in alot of ways. the plot is damn genius the character design is damn awesome and everything else is pretty good too the only complaint i have is character depth. the character depth isnt that good. the new characters arrive and things are kind of fuzzy. it doesnt really explain who they are or what they do very well but that still isnt enough to make me hate it!!! the artwork is nice and dark and can be very serious when it wants to but not to often. i love it...
alright im going to give you a quick run down of what happened in the first 3 episodes and i will have a full review for #4 when it drops.
in episode #1 the main characters are established and theier rolls are made somewhat evident. sthe main character is a zombie the secondary maincharacter is a necromancer the next secondary character is established as a mahou shoujo..... ok. there is also a allusion to the fact that the main character was murdered and revived as a zombie but not much detail is put into that. they just kind of throw it out there to keep you interested. also an enemy is introduced and will make several re appereances due to its affiliation with an enemy organization... the maincharacter adopts both secondary characters and lives with them. end of story....
episode #2 the episode starts with our maincharacter running then flashes to him getting murdered and thus explains why hes a zombie.... ok then they explain how he met the first secondary character (necromancer) and gives reasons for everything. then after awhile we run back to present day. shortly after words another secondary character is introduced but this time as an enemy. the maincharacter fights the enemy wins and she joins the party (vampire ninja). one hell of a group we go here.
epidsode #3 this is somewhat of some filler but steps closer to our maincharacters killer. alot of unimportant stuff happens involving pudding then they go to the hospital to visit a killer victim and she gives cluse to who the killer is and its a spoiler so youll have to watch it.

yeah.... thats about it great series great emotional depth but bad character depth..... this is amazing. i think the whole character depth thing was on purpose to keep you guessing.... oh well we'll find out later!!!

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