Sunday, January 16, 2011

beezlebub episode 2 suicide is an option.

hey its jazu. and im back with review #2 of beezlebub. this is a great series in its animation comedy and watchability. this needs to be watched by all who visit this blog. it is necessary!!!! lets get started.

the episode starts with oga and furichi at school still trying to figure out what this baby likes.they start with a plush doll and a dissected frog. the baby chooses the dissected frog. what a shocker... that was sarcasm. then they move to a human body replica. there are two sides a muscel display and a flesh display. baby choses the raw muscle side... wow what a evil child.
with that established they both go back to oga's house after having beezlebub blow up yet another hallway. upon arriving at his humble abode he finds hilda explaining to oga's parents and you can see where things can be misunderstood. parents figure that their son f*cked up and had a kid and they accept it. (whats wrong with this picture)
yay for misunderstanding. now the 15 meters rule is introduced. if beezlebub gets ore than 15 meters away from oga, oga will die. beezlebub will throw such a fit that it will kill oga. then what?
now he has the dimensional transport guy following him wherever he goes to keep him notified of how far away beezlebub is even here.

this is not ok...... i digress. after leaving that awkward moment in the bath tub behind he goes to his room and furuichi is there thanks to the dimensional transport guy. i refuse to type his name. but any way they find out that the only reason beezlebub is so attached to oga is that oga is a violent fearless bastard. they figure that if they can find some one equally as ruthless they should be able to ditch beezlebub. guess what not working.
then backin hell demon king realizes he forgot to send his sons favorite toy with him. so he sends it via dead ex!!! lulz. so hilda recieves it via dead ex and brings it to school to find oga and beezl. upon entering the classroom she is instantly surrounded by delinquents. upon being approached by one she draws her blade and sends his sorry @$$ for a trip out the window. now its about lunch time and beezl is hungry and what do babies do when thier hungry? blow up hallways of course! so they go to get food and all hell breaks loose once again. so needing a little man time the two oga and beezl go the the river to learn a lesson. directly after beezl learns that crying oisnt always good these two @$$holes witha motor cycle grab him. oga trying to keep withing the 15 meters to avoid death is haulin @$$. then dimensional transport guy pops up and it all ends with this!!!
then i came across this and cried.


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