Friday, January 28, 2011

bullet hell and the relationship i maintain with them

alright jazu here for another anime related but not anime topic...
today we're going to talk about BULLET HELL. i will start by defining the term bullet hell. also known as shmups which is short for shoot em ups, a bullet hell is any game that is a 2d vertical scrolling shoot em up with high difficulty. most games towards the end will fill the screen with bullets or projectiles making general patters for you to follow to avoid obliteration. I F*CKING LOVE BULLET HELLS!1!!! i recently downloaded a game by the name of undefined fantastic object (ufo) which is one of the hardest bullet hells out there other than YGS2000, which is damn near impossible in later levels but anyway the game consists of a tiny anime girl at the bottom of the screen (you) and millions of enemies and bullets assailing your @$$. you will fight bosses and much more. this game is must download for any bullet hell or shmup fan. i saw some people play YGS2000 pattern 65 on youtube and my life will never be the same!!! you will need a torrent to download undefined fantastic object. its one of the most popular touhou games!!! LONG LIVE BULLET HELLS!

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