Sunday, January 30, 2011

HOTD: Highschool Of The Dead

 High School of the Dead (HOTD) is a great zombie-butt-kicking anime to boot!!! With action, fanservice, and horror that makes one heck of a combination!!! The characters are awesome, but my favorite one is Saeko- the swords-woman. And when you try to kill a zombie, keep this in mind: AIM FOR THE HEAD!!!!!!! AND BOY, this show aims for the head!!! My second favorite character is the Otaku with the glasses- he shoots zombies with a NAIL GUN!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!!!? The main character is Takashi, whom kills the zombies with a baseball bat!!! ( which is also awesome ).  There is a pervy nurse, a smart ,tsundere pink haired chick, and another light brown-haired tsundere, Rei.  Not to mention, they lso meet a little girl later on and a dog (zeke)
 And man, this show has fanservice,  AND THEY GO OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!! The animators sure made the fanservice scenes funny, though!!! Especially in episode 8, when Takashi used Rei's chest as a pillow inorder to fire her sniper rifle and when he shot the bullet, and there was a 'matrix-like' scene when Saeko's boobs were flopping to dodge the bullet!! LOLOLOLLOLOOLOL
 now Saeko is embarassed LOL

But honestly, I give the show a 10/10- for ultimate zombie-butt-kickin and fanservice galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  as Saeko says: "She is a girl, too, you know"
well, i guess that wraps it up! LOVE AND PEACE

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