Monday, January 31, 2011

Bakemonogatari: Demons and Oddities Review

 Hey guys! It's Liz here and today I'm gonna be reviewing Bakemonogatari AKA "Ghost Story".  There are 16 episodes, each about 24 minutes each, and to the left is one of the main characters, Senjougahara- whom is possessed by the spirit Hitagi Crab.  Hitagi Crab is a demon that makes you lose weight til you're practically weightless. The characters of this show are AWESOME and it really delves deep into each individuals background and their problems.  The problems of these characters are also easy to relate to, which makes it fun to watch ^ ^

 Oshino (to the left) is a middle aged-guy that helps people out with their oddities, AKA demons.  The plot basically revolves around the main character, Araragi, a former vampire, and the oddities he comes across and how he helps the poeple with those oddities.                                                                     
My favorite character of the anime is Suruga, a tomboyish lesbian with an oddity of her own. She is the character to the left in the pink with the bandage on her left arm.  Underneath the bandage, is a hairy monkey's arm.  Her oddity has two names: Suruga Monkey and Rainy Devil.

To the left is a picture of her possessed by the oddity Rainy Devil.  The oddity causes you to go insane and gives you an instinct to kill(like an animal).  She wanted to kill Araragi because he is Senjougahara's boyfriend and Suruga has a crush on Senjougahara, which made her jealous.  And we all know that whatever comes out of jealousy ain't pretty!  This series teaches us all a lesson on jealousy and plenty of other aspects we can relate to.  What I especially love about this anime is the plot and story.
After Surugi and Araragi fight, Senjougahara comes in and comforts her friend Suruga (the one possessed by Rainy Devil) and helps her come to. Senjougahara says that they can still be friends even though she and Araragi are going out, and saying that made Suruga feel happy.  So, that covers just 2 episodes (i think episode 7 and 8)!! AND it gets better!!

 To the left is another girl possessed by an oddity known as 'Tsubasa Cat'.  It is a demon that causes you to have a split personally which is opposite of your original personality.  Above that image of her is two more images that show her possessed by the Tsubasa Cat.  She is in love with Araragi and lemme tell ya, theres ALOT of unrequited love in this show! So, basically, she turns into Tsubasa Cat whenever its Golden Week, and her jealousy and frustration is shown in her split personality, AKA  the Tsubasa Cat.

Well, I guess this wraps it up, but this was an AWESOME SHOW!! You will love the characters, I guarantee it! The plot is scattered, but intereting, the art is great, and I would recommed it to any anime fan! 10/10 hands down!

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