Saturday, January 1, 2011

A FLCL tribute and a happy new year!

Happy new years every body!!!!!!
Alright. So a day before leaving for hillbilly town I finished Fooly Cooly for the 2nd time and decided that this requires a tribute since it was one if the best and most obscure animes ive ever seen. Just the way everything flows in the six episode series was just plain old sexy to me. I decided because it was so amazing I had to make a tribute to it. What I find amazing is that the main character was a kind of a quiet character. But here's the genius, with the main character being quiet there was a surplus of more funny and loud secondary characters. It makes you focus more on his surroundings and friends which is designed so well it's like an orgasm to the eyes. The character depth is just so great its...... Well....... Sexy! The characters are naota (main) haruko (important secondary) minami (also important secondary) canti (weird ass robot who is important) his family (a good portion of the comic relief) and his friends (static characters who do nothing but talk). This is a nice character set that makes for what was one of the most memorable animes for me. And the sound track was like some neo-jrock sh*t and was equally as sexy as the transitions and setting. OH YES I FORGOT THE SETTING. The setting is this little town that has this strange medical equipment plant shaped like an iron in the middle of it. But the town is so well designed that after you watch it you want to watch it  again to visit the town. It was all so sexy. If there was anything i didn't like about it, it was the lack of more episodes. But anyway I'm stuck up here in hillbilly land typing this on my iPod and had to post this from a McDonalds in some weird town. *shivers*. There some scary people up here man. Buy any way happy new years my otaku friends. I hope you can meet all your new years resolutions. And speaking of my newyears resolution. This year it's to successfully go to TORA-CON and partake in the otaku tradition of the caramel dansen! I still don't know how to caramell dansen....

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