Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hanako and the Terror of Allegory (Hanako to Guwa no Teller)

Hanako and the Terror of Allegory is a horror manga about allegories, or rather, 'myths' that come true when someone believes in them.  The story revolves around an allegory detective by the name of Aso Daisuke (I won't spoil too much, but he is actually an allegory himself).  Aso and his companion, Hanako of the Toilet ( an allegory herself), she is connected to every toilet in the world) face off against other allegories that harm people.  For example, there is the slit-mouthed woman allegory (a tale that involves a woman that wants to be 'beautiful' and slits her mouth into a huge grin and turns into a monster, asking people: "AM I BEAUTIFUL NOW?".  Another allegory is Demon in the Mirror ( a tale in which you place two mirrors facing eachother at midnight and a demon appears in the mirror, asking you what you want.  He is willing you grant you whatever you want at the cost of your soul).  There is also the Merry-san allegory ( a tale that occurs if someone throws a doll away, they will get a call on their cellphone from the doll , Merry, and she will ask: "What did you throw me away?! I am coming to get you!" Next thing you know, you get calls on your cellphone every five minutes and she gets closer and closer to you and the last call you get on the cellphone will be her saying that he is right behind you)Another allegory is the 'man under the bed', the 'gap girl', 'alligorification', the fish-faced human, teke teke, and many others.

This series is what I call a complete masterpiece...10/10!!!!!!!! hands down, I say!!
The characters are really interesting and the plot is awesome!!! I highly recommend it to any manga horror fan :D ...More

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