Sunday, January 30, 2011


 Azumanga Daioh is the funniest,random anime I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! The story revolves around six highschool girls. Chiyo ( the one with the orange hair ) is a child prodigy; a 10 year old in high school!! The one on the far right is Tomo, the hyper, bold, energetic one of the group. The one on the bottom, third to the left, is Osaka (my favorite!) the 'western' Japanese girl, and the RANDOM one!!! The one farthest on the left with the glasses in Yomi, the 'sarcastic' one, who always is on a diet, apparently.  The one on the top right is Kagura, the sports girl- the competitive one! The top left one is Sakaki the 'gentle giant'; she has a weakness for cute things, especially cats! And whenever she tries to pet a cat, it bites her :(
 ...poor sakaki :(

 The 'Father' of the show is Chiyo's dad (Chiyo chichi, or Bill Clinton/Santa Claus...I'll explain that later....)
The plot basically revolves around the random lives of these highschool girls, but my favorite episode is episode 8! The ''New Year Dream Special"!!!! First off, Osaka (the random one) dreams about chiyo flying with her pigtails!!! YES, YOU HEARD ME!!! FLYING WITH HER PIGTAILS!!!!!! so, once Chiyo lands on the ground, Osaka rips her pigtails off, thinking that she is helping her, but Chiyo faints, so, Osaka sticks Chiyo's pigtails onto her head and flies away!!!!! Sakaki ofcourse dreams about Chiyos dad and wakes up to Osaka holding a Hawk and Eggplant O3O'
and all the other characters have interesting dreams as well! :D (but I won't spoil 'em)
I prefer the English dub over Japanese, because in episode 25, Osaka refers to Chiyo's "dad" as Bill Clinton- but she doesn;t say that in the Japanese version- so, what I'm saying is: the English dub has more jokes to it-
as for the Santa joke, one day Chiyo says that her father is Santa, and Sakaki gets a mental image of Chiyo's 'dad' as Santa (as seen below)
My favorite quote from the show is 'OH MAH GAH' quoted from Osaka. That is how she reacts to Chiyo's dad flying at her saying I wish i were a bird
<-------(which is him flying to America because that is where is daughter will be studying abroad- don't ask)

I would easily give this show a 10/10 and recommend it to any anime fan that enjoys randomness!!!!

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