Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Canadian Mullet Fighting Fun Time! Review of Wolverine Episode 1

As I promised, I am going to review the recently released Wolverine anime.

I wasn't sure how this anime was going to be, when I first saw the trailer for it, I immediately was like, "DERP HURR DERP! Wolverine gots a mullet and he doesn't have one! NERD RAGE!" But, this thought left me when I saw the opening to the show. It wasn't amazing, but it gets you excited to see Wolverine beat up some people for 22 minutes, so it accomplishes that.

I don't want to pull a jazu chan and tell you every single thing that happens, but I will tell you some things that will not ruin the whole show for those who haven't seen it yet.

Yes, it is set in Japan. Yes, Wolverine is still Canadian, but when he starts speaking Japanese it actually sounds natural. And, after the first couple minutes of the show, you get used to Wolverine's hair, I promise.

I think for what it is, it gets the job done. It's violent, looks pretty good, has a decent story line and it appeals to Wolverine fans and anime fans.

If you are interested in this anime at all, I think that it would be worth your time. Even if you don't care about Wolverine and you are a fan of violence and you need a new show to watch, you should check this anime out.


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