Tuesday, March 15, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 9 and sh*t

aight my otaku buddies its jazu!1!
between school and job hunting i havent had time for this so no images this time.

but any way this episode is amazing lots o crazy sh*t happens and its not filler! so this d00d from the under world shows up and is all like "look at me b*tch!" then Yuu transforms her pen into a scythe and stabs him in the chest and hes all like "i aint even mad". then we come to realize that she had a past with him and what seems to be some sort of relationship.
then it flicks down to the rest of the group but theyre looking for Yuu. and then some evil little secrets get out and aikawa is all like "oh no you didnt!" and seraphim is like "look i dont even want to do it brah." (yay for my bad engrish) and then the guy who kidnapped Yuu is like "if you dont grant mah wishes i will accidently your friends....." then sh*T gets out of hand.
remeber when Yuu said.. well wrote that she cant sho emotion or magic follows? well she manifested saddness and that doll she always had just droppend out of no where but 1000 times larger than normal. right ontop of haruna. so the team is tryin to push it off but the sh*t weighs more than my mom. (aint happenin captain)
then dai sensei shows up and looks to the scary guy and is all like "yo dawg so i herd you liek fu*kin with mah students. well i dont like it!" so dai sensei pulls some DBZ sh*t and blasts the doll off of haruna onto yuki. then this giant motherf*cker comes out of yukis back and is all like "everybody's gettin raped!" so aikawa transforms and is all like "yo this is over!"
after the whole defense tactics stop working the monster that poped out of harunas back announces a self destruct countdown. and this is the most touching part of the anime. he runs to her knowing damn well that if it goes off he will become dust along with yuki. he hugs and tells her that he doesnt want to lose her and something happens with her emotions and stops the countdown. this part i almost cried is how touching it was. and then they go back to the top of the tower to the mysterious man and Yuu. then with the snap of his fingers the man is gone. then they all walk hom and yuu asks to go to the store without the group and leaves. then when ayumu gets home he finds her note pad with a message written on it. the message is "good bye"

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