Monday, March 7, 2011

Beelzebub Episode 8 Summary: Kunieda vs Oga!

 Hey guys!! It's Liz here with a summary on episode 8 of  Beelzebub!! Just in case you never saw Beelzebub before, it is about a juvenile delinquent named Oga, who, through strange circumstances, is raising a baby! A DEMON BABY!! (son of the demon lord as a matter of fact)

 In the beginning of the episode, Kunieda Aoi, or the Queen of Ishiyama, rather, is searching for Oga.  She doesn't realize that this was the man in the park the other day-  and all she has in mind is to stop this Oga guy she hears of from causing more destruction!  So, Kunieda and her friends return to the juvinile delinquent school in search of him, causing fear on the other delinquents behalf.  All of the other delinquents are afraid of Kunieda, which means that she seriously packs a punch! She then catches up with Oga and challenges him to a battle!
  And of course, she then realizes that it was the guy from the park the other day!!! She is relieved that Oga doesn't recognize her, but she fears that Baby Beel might!!!
  Here is a picture of Baby Beel staring down Kunieda, because I think that he has a feeling that she was the one from the park XD
So, Oga and Kunieda got down to business, and started fighting!! Oga managed to dodge Kunieda's attack, and then asked her to be the mother of Baby Beel!!!!!!!!!!!!
 "HUH????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kunieda exclaims...
Of course, we all know that Kunieda always misinterprets things, and she got the wrong idea XD
After she calls Oga a BAKA and declines, she runs off. 
Next thing we know, she is staring out the window wondering if Oga is really that bad of a guy- (I dunno about you, but I think she is developing feelings for him)
and there you have it!

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