Saturday, March 26, 2011

Strawberry Panic Episode 1 Summary :)

 Hey guys! It's Liz here with a summary of the first episode of Strawberry Panic up my sleeve yo! I previously reviewed the series in February, but now, I decided to start summarizing some of the episodes.  Of course, you all know that Tamao (the character in the image above) is my favorite!  So now, I shall begin!
 It all starts with the protagonist of the show, Nagisa Aoi, on her way  to Astrea Academy, an all-girls' private school ^ ^  When she reaches the outside of the academy, she admires all of the other girls' uniforms and isn't paying attention to where she is running, and tumbles down a hill through trees!  Confused, Nagisa is now lost and doesn't know where to go in this forest since she fell... 
 All of a sudden, out from behind a tree, a silver-haired girl appears! O.O  To Nagisa's surprise, she falls backwards!  Then, the silver-haired girl picked up the belonging tht Nagisa dropped and handed it to her.
 Next thing you know, the mysterious girl kisses Nagisa on the forehead!!!!!!! Then, Nagisa faints, and soon wakes up to.....
 THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Nagisa is then freaked out, and then remembers why she fainted in the first place.  This blue haired girl introduces herself as Tamao, and tells Nagisa that she is her new roommate.  She then asks Nagisa if she can borrow a moment of her time...  Tamao then pulls out a roll of measuring tape and takes Nagisa's measurements.  She claims that it is for Nagisa's uniform, but I think that Tamao just wanted Nagisa's measurements anyway XD
Then, Tamao gives Nagisa a tour of the Strawberry Dorms where she will be staying.  Nagisa then asks Tamao why she took her measurements, and she says that it is for her book of everything about Nagisa :D
 Next thing you know, it is time for dinner, and Nagisa sees the silver haired girl from before that kissed her on the forehead!  Nagisa then confronts the girl, not knowing who she is or anything.  Little does Nagisa know that this silver-haired girl is the Etoile of Astrea Academy O.O  When Nagisa soon discovers this, she is deeply embarrassed and doesn't know what to do, because whenever she looks into the silver-haired girl's eyes, she can't move (like sheh is overwhelmed by her beauty or something).
 The Etoile then grabs Nagisa around the waist and Nagisa tells her,  "You can't do this!".  Then the Etoile says, "Who says I can't?"  And is just about to kiss her, when she is stopped by Rokujo, a girl with short blue hair and yellow eyes (you'll recognize her when you see the episode). 
Later that evening, Nagisa and Tamao get ready for bed.  Alot of exciting things await!  Lemme tell ya, this is one awesome show :D
 Stay tuned for the next episode to see what happens next! This is Liz, over and out! Thanks for reading my summary :)

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  1. hola, me gusto mucho tu blog aunque no le haya entendido al 100% pero aun asi esta muy bueno se q te gusta mucho el anime, saludos