Monday, March 21, 2011

Beelzebub Episode 9 Summary: Kunieda vs Oga! Again!

 Hey guys! It's Liz here with a summary up my sleeve (not literally) of Beelzebub episode 9 :)  Basically, Oga still won't give up and manages to atleast attempt to push Baby Beel onto the Queen, Kunieda Aoi rather.  Now, let's get started!
 This is how Kunieda sees Oga and Baby Beel XD Meanwhile, Kunieda is falling head-over-heels for Oga, and her friends remind her, that, as part of their rule, if you have a boyfriend, you're out of the group.  That is their number one code and law. 
Next thing you know, rumors are going around that Oga has a "wife", and Kunieda gets the wrong idea as usual XD
Soon after, Hilda and Kunieda engage in an epic battle! Of course, it is pretty much a draw, and Hilda tells Kunieda that it was an honor fighting her.  In the mean time, Kunieda's two friends approach Oga and then it goes to the next scene where these guys are telling everyone that Oga beat Kunieda's friends up!  Rumor has it that Oga is now on the roof. 
 Enraged, Kunieda goes to the top of the roof to battle Oga. 
No major damage occurs, but Kunieda's friends wake up in the nurse's office and rush to tell Kunieda the truth before it is too late!
You see, we soon find out that Oga wasn't the guy who beat the two girls up.  It was a couple other delinquents as a matter of fact!  While Kunieda's friends rush to tell her the truth, a group of guys known as the "mood-ruiners" (or somethin like that) get in their way, and won't let Kunieda's friends by.  As a result, they are unable to tell Kunieda the truth in time...but not to worry, for Kunieda finds out soon enough through a delinquent.  The truth is, Kunieda's friends just went to talk to Oga, and then Baby Beel crawled off of Oga's back and battled a cat!
 Yes, he battled a cat! and lost! (poor Baby Beel) soon after the cat bit Baby Beel, he started to cry.  In fear that Baby Beel would electricute bystanders nearby, Oga runs off with Baby Beel and then the delinquents show up and beat up Kunieda's friends...
 Kunieda comes to a realization, and now understands.  So now, Oga and Baby Beel beat up the delinquents who were behind this big mess, and put them in their place!
 Once again, Oga and Baby Beel save the day! :D
In the end of the episode, it shows Oga and Baby Beel walking down the street.  Kunieda and her friends
walk up to them, and Kunieda shows Oga that she is no longer wearing her group uniform- instead, she is wearing her school uniform.  This shows that Kunieda no longer abides to being part of the group, and that she didn't like the rule that love is forbidden.  So, she quit!
  And that's the ninth episode of Beelzebub for ya in a nutshell! Stay tuned for the new episode soon ^ ^
This is Liz, over and out!

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