Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strawberry Panic Review (hot off the press)

 Hey guys! It's Liz here with a review on Strawberry Panic!  Strawberry Panic is a romantic/comedy shoujo-ai anime (one of the best anime out there, in my opinion).
  The story of the anime revolves around Nagisa (as seen in the image above) transferring to an all-girl Catholic school, called Astrea Academy.  On her first day there, she stunbles into a silver long-haired girl (little does she know that this woman is none other than the Etoile).  The Etoile is the most respected student of Astrea Hill Academy.  There are three schools on the campus throughout the strawberry dorms: Miator (the one that Nagisa is in), Lerim, and Spica.  Nagisa soon finds a hierarchy throughout the school, and, with her newfound feelings towards Shizuma, decides to face her past head on. Now, lemme introduce the characters :D
 This is Shizuma Hanazono, a bold, attractive woman with long silver hair.  She is none other than the Etoile of Astrea Academy.  She develops feelings for Nagisa instantly while overcoming the pain of loss of her first love, Kaori. (but I shall not spoil too much for ya)
 This is Tamao, my favorite Strawberry Panic character :D
She has a great personality- she is kind, loyal, honest, and is always there for Nagisa.  She has secret feelings for Nagisa and is going through the hard time of unrequited love :( 
Love triangle here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 This is Amane.  She is the "prince" of Spica girl's academy.  All of the girls simply adore her, and she is one of the most popular students at the academy. 
 This is Hikari- she falls head-over-heels for the "prince" of Spica, Amane.  She sings in the Saintly choir and is best friends with Yaya.
 This is Yaya.  She is best friends with Hikari, and also sings in the Saintly choir.  She has secret feelings for Hikari and is going through mixed emotions of unrequited love as well.  She always supports ikari no matter what, and is always faithfully by her side.
 The characters of this anime are simply wonderful, and it is very easy to relate to each individual character's problems if you've ever been in love.  This anime is about true love, being yourself, friendship, pain of loss, and unrequited love.  It is a beautiful series, I must say!  There are 26 episodes total, each about 21 minutes each.  I would give this anime an OVER 9000/10!!
and there you have it! oh yeah, and there's also a manga for strawberry panic as well! there are two volumes total and you can find it in your local bookstore/anime store.  The manga is great as well- a little different from the anime, but still good :D
this is Liz, over and out!

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