Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kore wa zombie desu ka? episode 10 damn this is good!

its jazu chan baby!
im back with one of the best animes ever to fall out of that little country over there called japan! speaking of japan theyre having a really hard time over there with the earthquake tsunami and thier problems with their nuclear reactors. i will do everything i can over here to keep that little country safe... ive donated to the cause and i will encourage you to donate also!
but world crisis aside i still got the job of bringing you the best summary of one of the best animes' to ever exist so.....LETS GET IT ON!!!!
if you remember last episode, Yuu decided she was just going to up and leave the group and that it was too dangerous for them to be together so she left. the group, aikawa especialy was hurt by this and the episode starts telling the viewer that the group had been looking for months and still can find her.... i are sad face. but this episode wouldnt be around if she just up and left and never came back! so we we gotta stay strong! the intor is really sad with sad music to express the groups emotion to Yuus leaving. but then the intro kicked in and badassery was in the for front.
so the story starts with the whole group searching all day and they all meet back at home. aikawa is first home then haruna then sera but sera was weak. sera had recently been attack by more of her clan for not following through with the mission to kill Yuu. but any way ayumu being all distressed decides to go to the place where he first met Yuu to think and clear his head. and guess who was there? the douche bag from the last episode.
then ayumu gets up and wants to kill this man because he was the sole reason why Yuu left. he wants Yuu to do something for him but her friends were in the way. so what does he do? the classic life trade off. "if you come with me your friends wont get hurt." but hes here challenging the group. and ayumu trys to take him head on showing nothing but his raw emotion and hatred towards this man. the whole episode untill this moment was melancholy throught the use of music specificly strings to show sadness and sympathy. great idea on the writers part! but anyway they figt and ayumu loses his legs.
right before douchebag mcgee is about to kill the rest of the group tonomori shows up with back up some more vampire ninjas. and sh*t got real. so he realizes that he's outnumbered so he retreates. the ninjas go after him and the group goes home without sera for she went off to search more. so night passes and morning comes. tonomori did some recon and found out where douche bag lives and texted him a map. but ironicaly as the group is rushing to get dressed Yuu is outside contemplating wether she shold go inside or not. but outside sera sees her and runs to her but right before she could reach her douche bag cuts sera down.
so the group decides to save sera then rush douche bag while hes still at his house. so they do!
they bust in the door and then... im not even kidding you they have dinner together. this just some pre battle parle!but who cuts the door down but some more ninjas!with this douche bag takes his leave and jumps out the window with Yuu. and then comes the famous "reach out and grab my hand" scene but Yuu comes up short and is whisked away by douche bag.... damn. but douche bag left a present behind! a parasitic time bomb! at least he was thoughtful.....
then they screw around for a while trying to get it off but haruna gets a geniuse idea. put it on tonomori and cut one of the wires. so haruna just guesses and cuts the green wire. bad idea. teh timer speeds up ten fold and ayumu decides to be a complete bad ass and tank the bomb for the ladies! s our zombie takes the bomb and jumps out the window..... with sad orchestra playing in the back his thoughts swirl as he falls to earth then explodes.

and thats the end of the episode!

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