Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kannazuki no Miko Summary / Review *spoilers*

 Hey guys! It's Liz (crispy) here with a review up my sleeve, and today, I'm gonna be reviewing Kannazuki no Miko :D
Kannazuki no Miko is a shoujo ai/yuri anime- and a great one at that!!  I would easily recommend this anime to any yuri fan-
 The plot basically revolves around these two 16 year old girls that are destined to take on the role of becoming shrine maidens of the sun and the moon, due to the fact that the Orochi (the bad guys) are attacking the world.  But, before I can abny further, lemme explain the main characters, so that I can get more in depth with the plot :)
 Himeko is the sixteen year old protagonist that is destined to become the shrine maiden of the sun.  She is secretly friends with Chikane, and has confused feelings of devotion towards her.  She also has a crush on Souma, a boy.  She ends up having to choose one or the other in this love trianle of Himeko, Chikane, and Souma.  Personally, I love the couple Himeko and Chikane :3
 This is Chikane, whom is also a sixteen year old and is shrine maiden of the moon.  She is friends with Himeko, and is a top student admired by everyone at her school.  She has secret feelings for Himeko, and later on joins the Orochi (the bad guys) so that she can get Himeko to hate her,  because she doesn't want Himeko to love her, because she believes it would be bad for their friendship, I guess...  However, Chkane is deeply jealous of Souma (the guy that Himeko has a crush on).
 Souma has a big crush on Himeko, and will do anything for her.  However, he is forced to join the Orochi (the bad guys) and becomes evil unintentionally.  He is forced to do their bidding, but he doesn't let that get in the way of his feelings for Himeko. 
 Toward the end of the series, Himeko and Chikane fight as Chikane attacks and Himeko replies with self-defense.  As a result, Himeko fatally stabs Chikane in the stomach.  Wounded, Chikane declares her love for Himeko.  Himeko then realizes the burden that Chikane had to bear and tells Chikane that she loves her too.  She tells her that she loves her and will say it in front of anyone, and that she is not embarrassed.
 As Chikane is dying, she and Himeko are transported to a different dimension, and they save the world from the orochi!  Unfortunately though, Himeko and Chikane must depart for now.  But!  They soon meet again in the future!  After the ending credits of the last episode, it shows Himeko walking across a street, and she spots a dak haired girl wearing the same kind of necklace that she is (the shrine maiden necklace to be exact) and Himeko feels connected to this person.  Supposedly, his dark haired girl is none other than Chikane.  And the last line of the show basically says: and we fall in love all over again' :)

Personally, this is one of my favorite anime, because I love the whole theme of the anime of how bonds are everlasting through time, and can not be broken.  It really delves deep into the characters, the plot is nonetheless interesting, and, on top of that, the ending credits are AWESOME!  The ending credits song is called "Agony" by j-pop singer KOTOKO.  IT IS SOO CATCHY!!  I would recommend this to any yuri/shoujo ai fan- or even a romantic fan!  I would give this anime an OVER 9000/10
also, there is also a Kannazuki no Miko manga that is out released in 2 volumes in the U.S.
-i never read 'em, but it looks good! So, if you get the chance, feel free to check it out :)
this is Liz, over and out!

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