Tuesday, March 8, 2011

thank you to all who see this!

its jazu here to thank all you otaku veiwers even if you searched h3ntai and came to our blog. a hit is a hit and we have broken a thousand! to all you veiwers who come back over and over again we thank you!!! you have sat through our rants of anime and manga discussion and tributes and god knows what else! and for this i take my time and write this post just for you guys out there who helped us get there! (kissin @$$ fo' real) the blog is now thinking on expanding to our own site with our own personal coding done by ME!!!! it will have way more features for all you otakus out there!!! we will have our own pages one group page sections and a option for people to send us suggestions!!!!! AND NOW I WILL LET YOU INTO MY LIFE FOR A MOMENT!!!! so now it turns into the part where i reccomend a video game for you to play!!!!! MINECRAFT! i have thrown my life out the window on this! between anime bullethells and minecraft i dont have time to leave my house. the game is so basic but will keep you entertained for hours. so the plot is that you wake up on a randomly generated island and you must harvest resources to make a house before night fall. when night rolls around monsters come out and you dont want to be around them trust me....

hey guys!! it's liz reporting in :D
i also wanted to thank you for viewing our anime and manga reviews and what not!! i feel very honored that we got so many hits! thank you fellow otaku, for viewing our blog- and don't you worry, for there is much more to come!! also, i will let you into my life now ^ ^
my life consists of drawing manga and playing pokemon puzzle league for the nintendo 64! IT IS SO ADDICTING!!!! i would easily recommend this to any fan of tetris and/or pokemon! it is awesome!! on top of that, i am currently into beelzebub and hetalia axis powers- both are hilarious comedies that i would recommend to any anime fan.  well, thanks again guys! this is liz, over and out

Hello everyone, this is Shawn.
I would like to thank everyone who read the blog, I had no clue that we would get 1,000 hits in only a few months. I would like to thank the crew Jazu, Dan and especially Liz, who has done an amazing job with her posts.
Most of my time is spent reading manga, watching anime, listening to music (might make a post soon about some bands that I have been listening to lately...) and trying to come up with somewhat meaningful things for a possible new novel that I am going to write eventually. I will make some new posts soon, so I hope that we can reach 2,000 hits soon. Peace...

Hey y'all, Dan here writing on my phone lawlz. Thank you all for reading our blog. Right now I'm getting pwned by spell check but I just water to thank you for helping us reach 1000 views and hopefully we can add another 1000. I owe it to you guys to post more in the future and now that my schedules freeing up I can do just that. Shawn said that he's looking for ideas, well me an him make each other read our stuff so maybe I'll post some of my stuff for you guys <3. Love all you guys so much and I hope you continue to read our blog. Since I don't look for more modern new release stuff it's hard to do an episode by episode review, but I hope to keep on giving vague enough descriptions of series that you'll go look them up and enjoy them as much as I do. Depending on what Jazzu says I might load up some of my short stories Or art for your viewing pleasure in the future. Later all, keep following us and never stop watching the anime :D

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