Sunday, November 28, 2010

MM! episode 9 nekophobia

hey yall its jazu chan again.
yeah im back with yet another MM! review. this episode is just filler! i was not pleased at all. the series was going strong and then comes filler episodes! anyway that doesnt matter right now. (this reviews going to be short) its time for the school festival and yes the second voulunteering group is there. what i really didnt like a bout this episode is that yunno wasnt in it to much.
YOSH! the episode opens with the second voulunteering group operating a booth at the festival.... and no one is showing up. but out of the blue here come tarous boss. and yes he needs help. he lost his lover(body pillow) and cant seem to find her(it). any way the one who finds his lover(body pillow) was the class prez. after this reuniting of freak and body pillow she hands tarou some paper. on it is a threat from a mysterious character to the "cursed students".

after this incident (i say this far to much) tarou brings this to mio. mio finally being able to do something leads him to "patrol the school grounds". this so called "patroling" is just mio forcing sado to buy her various foods around the school. festival and this is where we realize it.
they decide to enter a  cafe for drinks little do they know its a neko cafe. there are cats walking around on the tables and women dressed up like cats (furry heaven). this is where we realize that mio suffers from nekophobia. yes she is afraid of cats. i honeslty dont understand this fear but ok.
then they enter the haunted house and yes theres a cat!

this scares the sh*t out of mio and starts a cute (moe) scene between tarou and her. after this she asks tarou to hold her hand but a trap door opens dropping tarou into a pit and knocks him unconcious. when he wakes up hes tied to a fence post (just how he likes it) and the mysterious group of people is standing there. these are the people that have been making the threats. the leader takes off her mask and reveals herself to be none other than the prez. they call themselve the MFC mio sama fan club...... oh god. mio quickly makes her way upstair to tell the MFC to cease and desist.
this episode pissed me off for another reason.... the romance factor. there was alot of romance in this episode and yunno wasnt a part of it. i really want to see sado and yunno together! this whole episode was just meaningless sh*t. there was almost no mention of the fact that hes a masochist and the plot went bybye for a while. but the episode ends with mio and tarou holding hands.

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