Friday, November 5, 2010


heyyy...... i really dont know what to say.... this is our.... well... jakes first post. since no one else is here right now to type with me ill give the general idea of things. this is me and my groups blog.... we specialize in anime, manga, video game reviews and life advice. soooooo.... that said i will now introduce myself to you our viewer. i am jake... you may know me by several different usernames. such as jazuchan, slayedflavor, or dungeon dweller (1337). i am a manga fanatic a coffee addict a chiptuner a anime watcher a retro video game player a psychopathic thinker/typer a party monster and a music fiend. i will be the first to tell you my life is controlled by music. im not even kidding... my mood depends on whats playing in my earbuds... and theyre always in.... when theyre not broken. THUMBS UP FO JUSTIN LAW!!! yes just made a soul eater reference deal with it.... if you dont know i am a chiptuner. yes i make techno out old school video games (NES C64 SEGA). i am currently working on producing my new CD "beat em with a brk". it will be chocked full of 8 bit goodness i will post link to download when CD is finnished. right now i am typing this because i have zero of mah crew members here to talk to you all. they will later have their segments and introductory posts.
i will proceed to type... better yet give you an idea of what my life is like.... i wake in the morning shower go to school, deal with shit from all the "popular kids" and jocks. then i go to a vocational training class. deal with douche bags there. then i come home shower again watch some anime read some manga then decide to make an epic chiptune song. eat alot then go to sleep.... for the most part im happy. the only imes i can say that my life has a whole new meaning is when im with my only true friends... the critical hitz and shitz crew. yes it is true. i only have 5 friends. why? because everyone else at school is to wasted or ignorant to talk about something that actually matters. my friends are possibly the only people whos life isn't controlled by what society says is "cool". yes we may be otakus but were the coolest otakus youll ever meet!
       that said i will now disscus mah favorite mangas!!!! AIRGEAR!!!! if you have not read this exit out of this blog and read it on great fo online scans! air gear consists of a bunch of teens whos lives are changed forever by devices called "air trecks". air trecks are rollerblades powered by a motor giving people the ability to skate at breakneck speeds and temporarily fly....yes possibly the most awesome sh*t ive ever seen. the story follows a boy name itsuki (ikki) minami who happens to find a pair of air trecks. he puts them on and gos for a ride he masters them quickly but finds theres more to air trecks than just riding for fun. there are people that ride for fame and territory. storm riders... gangs of riders on airtrecks that control territories and terrorize the streets. and yes our main character gets sucked into all of it. NEXT MANGA!!!!! KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA!!! (maid sama) great manga i cant realy give you the plot without ruining it so its a secret read it your self. NEXT MANGA!!! you ready for this????? MY BALLS... yes this is the english name for it.... also known in japan as ore tama. one of the best plots ive seen since air gear. stupid yet amzing. our main character khota is goin for a nice evening stroll..... drunk. he stops in the woods to piss (which most drunks do frequently) yet to find him self in the middle of a holy war. completely oblivious to whats going on our hero finds himself pissing on a strange orb. little does he know that this is the very orb that the angels were trying to seal lady emaniel in. lady emaniel is the queen of HELL. ZAP lady emaniel sees an oppurtunity to escape the orb and jumps... right into khotas left nut. now its up to khota to save the world... by not busting a nut... (ejaculating for those who are lacking in sexual vocabulary). in a month the world will be saved from destruction if khota doesnt blow. and yes all hell will be after khota trying to make him.... yeah... that. funny must read!! sooooooooooo...... those are my favorite mangas! you can find all of my music HERE. so listen and enjoy comment and visit our blog again. we update weekley! PEACE!

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