Saturday, November 6, 2010

MM! episode 06 cuz his family is this foul.

ok... this is some of the scariest shit ive ever seen but definatly one of my favorite animes. the word masochist doesnt even begin to describe tarou. i mean damn.... he gets off on anything.i think this is a freakin great series and if your not watching it you need to be.

this is possibly the only anime that made me contemplate suicide... i chose not to. who the hell would write this blog then. any way our super masochist friend tarou finds himself in trouble once again. with mio trying to break him and his family ruining his life. and yes his family is a bunch of freaks his sister and his mother both have a thing for incest..... again contemplating.

and yes this is exhibit A tarous sister trying to kiss him while he is sleeping... but anyway this is not important. they will play a big roll later. the episode starts with tarou runing through a mine field only to catch yet another ass whooping from mio san. again she is trying to break him... after this exhausting... activity he comes home to his f*cked up family. little does he know they have been reading his text messages and ploting to ruin his relationship with yunno. he comes home and they steal his phone. they send a text message to yunno asking her to come over posing as tarou. and yes you can see where this is going. yunno comes over they have a normal dinner a normal conversation and then all hell breaks loose. when yunno and tarou enter his room...... here let me just show you.

yes the evil basterds planted this in his room. but everythings ok. they clean the room and then have tea. and then.... the basterds make another attempt. they break out the classic  picture album approach. fission maild. its game over for them and the night ends out with yunno telling sado a secret and tarou handing his family over to a crazed photographer.... michuru. obviously you can tell that yunno and tarou got a thing goin on. they like each other deeply but yunnos androphobic and tarous a masochist..... weird shit. i am willing to bet money that by the end of the series he will have her. aight? peace!

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